Muslim Sex Assaults – February 11th, 2017

Nine items in total…

Sweden: Syrian immigrant rapes two underage girls – gets two-month sentence

Germany: Two “asylum seekers” charged with molesting five girls aged between 12 and 14 in public swimming pool

Canada: Man charged after “several teenage girls” report being sexually assaulted at the West Edmonton Mall waterpark

Sweden: “Foreign language teen” beats and rapes woman at knife point in parking lot

Belgium: Accused gang-rapists laugh in court, yelling “women should not complain, they should listen to men” – in a video they took of the assault “they are dancing around the victim and singing songs in Arabic”

Sweden: Three “swarthy-looking men” raping a woman “live-streamed” on Facebook – names and nationalities of the accused have not been released

U.K: Six members of the Rotherham paedophile gang shout “Allahu Akbar” after being jailed for a total of 81 years

Belgium: Moroccan man repeatedly raped handicapped girl

Sweden: Police chief warns women to “adjust their behaviour” following a spate of violent attacks