We are living in dangerous times! Be sure you stay informed

It is easy to state the obvious, that the “mainstream media” is controlled by people who wish to use newspapers, and radio and television stations, to feed us pablum and keep us in the dark regarding the preparations for our destruction being made by the people-planners and the anti-White, self-hating would-be destroyers of Western Christian Civilisation.

What is not so easy is finding fast and easy ways to keep on top of what is being done to us, and to the rest of the world, and how and by whom.

Here is a list of email subscriptions you can sign up for in order to have genuine news of real importance delivered to you on a regular basis.

I subscribe to all of these.

I have set up a special email account for my subscriptions, and spend a certain amount of time each day keeping up with developments, and passing this information along to my readers.

Segregating your subscriptions in this manner will make it much easier for those with families and jobs to grab a half-hour or so each day to stay up-to-date.

Here we go, (you may have to search for the subscription space – usually, scrolling down and looking on the right will do it, or you might get a pop-up).  There are a good number of items here, listed in no particular order covering a variety of subjects.

Pick out the ones you are most interested in!

Gatestone Institute here.

Gatestone Europe here.

Family Security Matters here.

Liberty GB here.

OSINT Journal here.

Raymond Ibrahim here.

The Occidental Observer here.

British National Party here.

Palestine Chronicle here.

Geopolitical Monitor here.

Liberty Institute of Canada here.

Understanding The Threat here.

Hate Speech Monitor here.

The Rebel here.

The Lid here.

The Investigative Report on Terrorism here.

Websites – some contain vital information, but do not up-date that often:

American Thinker here.

Immigration Watch Canada here.

Western Voices World News here.

The Betrayal Papers here.

Be aware that some of these sources, such as Gatestone and Family Security Matters, are viciously biased in favour of Israel, although they are 100% good on the other issues with which we concern ourselves. Others, such as the Hate Speech Monitor, are obviously on the other side, but provide links to items of interest to us.

Read selectively…

You don’t have to visit my website in order to read the same information to which I am privy, and which I may or may not put up on my website as I don’t always have the time. I want to encourage people to be well-advised, and it can happen through my website, or more directly through my sources.

In any event, my basic mission is to encourage people to be aware of their political surroundings, and of what is being done to them.


Jeff Goodall.

Further links and subscription suggestions will be added once in a while, so bookmark this post and check back from time to time.