Islamic Invasion – Feb. 26th, 2017

Islamic activities/enabling which support the suggestion that we are being invaded – eight items in total…

Canada: Muslim Brotherhood-linked journalist says not to worry about parliamentary “Islamophobia” initiative calling for anti-free speech measures

U.S.A: Southern Poverty Law Center fakes an “Islamophobia” crisis

Sweden: Police officer alleges massive cover-up of African and Middle Eastern immigrant crime

Denmark: Man charged with blasphemy for burning Koran

Sweden: Trump was right – Sweden’s “embrace of refugees” isn’t working

France: A month of Islam and multiculturalism… January 2017

Canada: Backlash to “Islamophobia” motion in parliament was “inevitable” – “radicalization cuts both ways”

Sweden: Police officer backed up by criminologist – “there is a strong over-representation of immigrants in crime… (especially) crimes of a violent nature…”