Thought crimes and regular crimes…

I generally agree with John Thompson, (see the link to his web-site below), but find myself unable to do so with regards to his most recent communique.

His statement that “If you think your cause is worth breaking a law to make your point, your trip before the judge and the dignified acceptance of what they award is even more important than parading with a placard” (*) resonated with me.

I did that during the Sixties and Seventies while demonstrating against American draft dodgers and deserters, peace-marchers, communist party members, union goons, and the “Canadians For The National Liberation Front”.  And in my opinion, if you plead guilty and take the crap, you are morally justified in doing it again as many times as necessary.

But, after reading his entire article, I think there is considerably more to being jailed for “thought crimes” than there is for simply expressing one’s opinions on the street, even if that results in violence. Indeed, having one’s own opinions – and expressing them in any way whatsoever – is no longer permitted in such a scenario.

John’s analysis implies to me that laws censoring “Islamophobia” carry the same moral righteousness as laws which legitimately regulate public behaviour, despite the fact that the former originate with those who wish to mercilessly stamp out resistance to anti-White social engineering intended to result in the ultimate destruction of Western Civilization.

I fear that he may be assuring our enemies of success by stating his intention to eagerly plead “guilty”and go to jail for breaking whatever anti-democratic laws they propose to institute with the intention of ensuring our eventual subjugation through Jihad and Sharia Law.

Perhaps he will will have the opportunity, while settling into his new residence, to come to realize that our real enemies are not the “progressives” and “politically correct” fanatics (and the jubilant invaders) who are behind laws and motions such as M-103, but the people who both created and enabled the fanatics and the invasion.

Beyond that, I welcome John’s new web-site, and wish him every possible success.

Jeff Goodall.

(*) – Read “M103 and civil disobedience” here.

Visit John Thompson’s web-site “Think Tank of One” here.