Immigration, House Prices, and Vancouver – An Analysis

“Four decades ago, even when the gap between local wages and housing prices was not nearly as severe as it is today, economist Gordon Soules published an eye-opening book titled The Housing Crisis: Causes, Effects, Solutions… In it, Art Phillips, Bill Vander Zalm and Mike Harcourt detail a fist-full of reasons that house prices were so high in Metro Vancouver, including lack of zoning density and inadequate social housing… The politicians did not shy away from how high immigration rates and foreign capital were among the biggest contributors to the city’s rising prices – phenomenons re-confirmed this year by UBC geographers David Ley, Dan Hiebert and other scholars” – and – “I maintain that the primary approach to solving the housing problem in the Greater Vancouver area lies in the immediate reduction and future control of immigration.” – Then-mayor Art Phillips of Vancouver, mid-1970’s (1).

The above quotes are taken from Douglas Todd’s article “Congratulations to a few politicians who saw that high immigration caused high house prices – shame on those like Trudeau who refuse to see”, published by Immigration Watch Canada on February 24th this year.

Massive immigration causes so many problems, and yet so many fail to see them. The massive “urban sprawl” in southern Ontario has caused Grade-A farmland to be paved over at an alarming rate, so that Ontario is now a net food importer when previously we were self-supporting. Bringing people here from the third-world massively increases their carbon footprint, and the social cost is absolutely staggering as newly-arrived primitives take gleeful advantage of our lax courts and trusting natures.

Now that our jet-setting play-boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is importing 300,000 new immigrants a year, (and that’s just the legal ones), we are rapidly being swamped and our natural and other resources will not be able to cope much longer.

It is also interesting to read how, since the 1970’s, both Liberal and Conservative governments have increased immigration, simultaneously accusing dissenters of “xenophobia” and “racism”. No matter who we vote for, the results are always the same, and they are destructive and genocidal for the White people who founded this country.

The human cost is immense, and I refuse to believe that this is being done to us simply as the result of miscalculations or otherwise. I believe that all of our political parties are subject to the wishes of a higher control centre, and I know that organised Jewry is always pushing for greater immigration both here and in Europe, and that they (and those who will benefit) are behind the moves to censor opposing opinion by removing our sacred and hard-won historical rights to free speech.

They have created a situation in which The Muslim Brotherhood can have its stooges in Parliament push for measures condemning and punishing “Islamophobia” by effectively creating “blasphemy laws”, and they make no effort to interfere with the beast they have enabled.

Something needs to be done to put a stop to this, because it won’t be long before people resort to violence and bloodshed in order to exert their right to protect themselves. This is not going to be easy, and the sooner we get started with peaceful protests and resistance, the more likely we will be able to avoid massive civil upheaval.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Congratulations to a few politicians who saw that high immigration caused high house prices – shame on those like Trudeau who refuse to see” here.

See also “Ontario reconsidering a foreign buyers’ tax to cool housing market” (Globe & Mail, March 9th 2017) here.