Random Quotations – April 25th, 2017

Five items in total…

“Clearly, Hillary still sees herself as the leader of the Democratic Party. And why shouldn’t she? Democrats have been locked in an abusive relationship with the Clintons for decades, enabling, explaining, convincing themselves that next time will be different. Party faithful hew to Hillary’s excuses for losing to Donald Trump: It’s James Comey’s fault, plus the Russians, white supremacists, misogynists, the deplorables and immobilized millennials, among other things… How is it that Democrats have fealty here, let alone sympathy? How is it that Hillary routinely walks into standing ovations at Broadway theaters? Where is the realization that Hillary is to blame, or the rational rejection of a two-time loser?” – Maureen Callahan, “Why can’t the Clintons just go away?” – New York Post, April 22nd, 2017.

“At age 86, Rupert is not going to last forever, and his two sons, who are socialist democrats, will totally destroy Fox News. What was once our only hope of media truth, will be just like the rest of MSM… Soros’s organizations rattle their sabers and the republicans run for cover; they cave! This has to stop! They need to have the chutzpah of Ann Coulter who has stood her ground with Berkeley as to when she will give her speech. The only way we win is by never retreating… I’d like to see these true conservatives get together with Breitbart and start their own network, one that isn’t “fair and balanced” with mostly liberals, but one that is truly Constitutionally conservative. Bet me, it would bring in billions.” – Kelleigh Nelson, “Evil has no bounds, leftists destroy O’Reilly factor” – News With Views, April 21st, 2017.

“The immediate concern for Canada lies in the United States, where two centuries of farming have dried out much of the Midwest’s aquifers, and California’s insatiable thirst has caused massive ecological damage. Even back in the 1970s, some proposed American solutions to the then-remote crisis was to re-route some Canadian rivers southwards… don’t think the idea won’t take on a new urgency soon.” – John Thompson, “Saving the world from thirst” – Think Tank Of One, April 24th, 2017.

“It is clear to me that freedom and capitalism are the principles that made America a rich and powerful nation… Plenty of studies show that for all the nations of the world, those that are free, that allow capitalism to operate in their economies, are the most prosperous… So when I say… that lack of freedom and capitalism is what is holding back black Americans, you would think black leaders would want to listen. But they have no interest… Black politicians want us to believe that the economic laws that work for whites don’t apply to blacks. They want us to believe that politics and government will make black lives better instead.” – Star Parker, “More freedom – Good for blacks, bad for black politicians” – Toronto Sun, April 23rd, 2017.

“The U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. Barack Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess L. Baily, has worked behind the scenes with Soros’ Open Society Foundation to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause, constituting an interference of the U.S. Ambassador in domestic political affairs in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” – Judicial Watch, quoted by Duncan Johnson in “Judicial Watch Sues State Department and USAID” – Ammoland, April 24th, 2017.