Mid-East Wars and Muslim Invasion – Israel’s “Two-For-One”

“Not to be forgotten is the earlier PNAC scheme devised in the late 1990s by the prominent American Jewish neocons, including Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, and David Frum, whose goal was less the desire to raise the level of political tolerance in Arab states but rather the compulsive wish to double down on Israeli predominance in the Middle East… As long as the main pivot of US and EU foreign policy revolves around the unquestionable support of Israel and its Western fifth column, actors bent on causing chaos will be waiting in the wings.” (*)

The above quote is taken from Tom Sunic, Ph.D’s article “Non-White migrants and the Catholic Church: The politics of penitence” appearing in the Occidental Observer on April 29th, 2017.

The plan was to ensure Israel’s security by destroying the surrounding Arabic dictatorships and their potential military threat by turning them into wrecked, squabbling clans and fiefdoms, incapable of presenting any organised resistance to Israeli dominance and expansion.

Iraq and Libya are now crushed, and Syria has long been torn with deliberately-created massive internal strife, subsequently bolstered by Western military intervention.

And as a consequence, the “refugees” are pouring into Europe and North America by the millions: Two birds with one stone for Israel and the Jews, with White homelands now indebted by needless wars and close to collapse under the stifling and dangerous weight of unassimilable and often hostile foreigners.

Also in Dr. Sunic’s article we are told of “fake news” employed in the deliberate destabilization of the Middle East, of which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s alleged usage of chemical weapons is undoubtedly a part, as was the case with Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction:

“However, the origins of fake news, which also recently marred Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, go back much further into history. Their crude signs first surfaced on the eve of World Wars I and II when supernatural tales about Germany’s “WMDs” started circulating in the USA, France and Great Britain. Those early tales of weapons of mass destructions took on often bizarre phrasings in the portrayal of German armies allegedly hacking off hands of children in occupied Belgium.”

My mother, who was a WAAF corporal during WWII, told me that during the Great War the British were told horrible stories about the Germans, including that they threw babies up into the air and then skewered them on their bayonets.

So when the public was told of concentration camps in Germany in the 1940‘s, nobody believed it because of all the lies they had been told before.

Too bad people aren’t so cynical about all the lies they are being told right now…

Jeff Goodall.

(*) – Read “Non-White migrants and the Catholic Church: The politics of penitence” here.