Random Quotations – May 17th, 2017

Seven items in total…

“A federal judge has tossed out an animal rights group’s lawsuit against a California synagogue that practices the ritual slaughter of chickens… The ritual, observed by some Orthodox sects of Judaism, involves whirling a chicken above one’s head while reciting a prayer prior to it being slaughtered. The practice is believed to transfer the person’s sins to the chicken… ‘We hope this victory will encourage everyone to live in peace and tolerance of everyone’s religious beliefs,’ Rabbi Alter Tenenbaum of Chabad of Irvine said in a statement.” – Toronto Star, “Lawsuit over California synagogue’s ritual chicken slaughter dismissed” – May 17th, 2017.

“So there was no discrimination. Minton was treated exactly the same as any other patient seeking an elective hysterectomy at a Catholic hospital. And there was no lack of access to the procedure. The very institution Minton and the ACLU are suing facilitated that access for Minton at another hospital… But those inconvenient facts won’t stop the ACLU’s war on Catholic hospitals. Quite frankly, the ACLU is trying to use Catholic healthcare to undermine the moral integrity of the Catholic Church. They want to force Catholic hospitals to abort babies and provide contraception and sterilization, in direct violation of Catholic teaching.” – William Donohue, “ACLU sues another Catholic hospital” – Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights, April 27th, 2017.

“You see, everyone is willing to forgive Jane Goodall. When it was revealed last week in The Washington Post that Goodall’s latest book, Seeds of Hope, a fluffy treatise on plant life, contained passages that were ‘borrowed’ from other authors, the reaction was surprisingly muted. The writer who discovered the plagiarism – an unnamed academic reviewing the book for the Post – alerted the newspaper and backed out of the assignment. When the Post and the New York Times reported his findings, both avoided saying that Goodall had plagiarized – which, even by the strictest definition of the word, she did – instead writing that she ‘borrowed’ passages, fully intending, apparently, to return them upon publication.” – Michael Moynihan, “Jane Goodall’s troubling, error-filled new book, Seeds of Hope” – The Daily Beast, March 26th, 2013.

“The gendered holidays are also generally a drag for non-binary parents who don’t identify with a single gender. Some of these parents have even begun advocating online for the creation of a brand new holiday to recognize parents who aren’t male or female. (A proposed date for “Non Binary Parents Day” is July 17)… I’d like to propose a new holiday called ‘Guardian’s Day.’ Guardian’s Day, which has a nice sci-fi fantasy ring to it, will be a rotating statutory holiday – meaning you can celebrate it any day you please, and you can interpret it any way you like. ” – Emma Teitel, “It’s time to get rid of Mother’s Day” – Toronto Star, May 12th, 2017.

“While the council has been clear from the beginning that it finds the objectives of the bill laudable, we continue to have some concerns about the constitutionality of some aspects of the proposed law which may infringe on judicial independence… Specifically, reporting the number of sexual assault cases heard by judges who have never participated in seminars and opening the door for special interest groups dictating the kinds of education judges should adopt.” – Canadian Judicial Council spokeswoman Johanna Laporte, quoted by CP in “CJC fears groups ‘dictating’ judicial courses” – durhamregion.com, May 16th, 2017.

“A presidential order signed Thursday directed key federal agencies to assess preparations for a prolonged power outage resulting from cyber attacks designed to disrupt the power grid… An assessment of the danger must be carried out by the Energy Department, Homeland Security, DNI and state and local governments to examine the readiness of the United State to manage a shutdown of the power grid. The assessment will also identify gaps and shortcomings in efforts that would be used restore power.” – Jeff Dunetz, “N.Korea threat? Trump orders feds to make preparations in case of attack on electric grid” – lidblog.com, May 14th, 2017.

“The Italian High Cassation Court on Monday ruled against a Sikh Indian migrant who wanted to carry in public a knife that his religion considers sacred, even though it is against Italian law. The Court said migrants who choose to live in the Western world have an obligation to conform to the values of the society they’ve chosen to settle in, even if its values differ from their own. ‘An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country,’ the Court said….” – Robert Spencer, “Italian court rules that migrants must conform to values of their new country” – Jihad Watch, May 15th, 2017.

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