Random Quotations – Education – May 24th, 2017

Five items in total…

“The University of Arizona is hiring students to be ‘social-justice activists,’ [SJAs] and the job description demands that they ‘report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff’… In other words: These kids are being paid to tattle on other kids for anything they might consider to be a microaggression, and any students who gets (sic) these jobs should probably identify themselves so that other students will know to never invite them to their parties… According to the university’s website, the official title of the position is ‘social-justice activist,’ and it pays $10 per hour. They can expect to work about 15 hours per week, which, as the Daily Caller notes, means that they will be making roughly $600 per month to behave like self-righteous, meddling nightmares.” – Harvard Crimson article “U-Arizona is hiring-students-to tattle on others for bias-incidents” quoted by Edward Cline in “College snitches” – Family Security Matters, May 19th, 2017.

“Harvard officials say Obasi Shaw is the first student in the university’s history to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in the English department… Shaw says he was surprised by the positive response from Harvard… Rap and hip-hop have drawn growing academic interest from colleges, some of which now offer minors in hip-hop studies.” – AP story “Harvard student Obasi Shaw submits rap album as his senior thesis” – Toronto Sun, May 19th, 2017.

“Durham District School Board Chairman Michael Barrett says the DDSB participates in programs like the School Alliance of Student Songwriters competition, and this year started offering a Grade 11 hip hop appreciation course at J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate in Ajax, teaching students to write and mix music… The board recently purchased sets of African djembe drums, ukuleles, and indigenous hand drums for schools to use, with training provided to classroom teachers.” – Jillian Follert, “Durham schools get creative with hip hop, hand drumming as traditional music classes decline” – durhamregion.com, May 22nd, 2017.

“To reduce angst among snowflakes in its student body, the University of California, Hastings College of the Law has added a ‘Chill Zone.’ The Chill Zone, located in its library, has, just as most nursery schools have, mats for naps and beanbag chairs. Before or after a snooze, students can also use the space to do a bit of yoga or meditate. The University of Michigan Law School helped its students weather their Trump derangement syndrome – a condition resulting from Donald Trump’s election – by enlisting the services of an ‘embedded psychologist’ in a room full of bubbles and play dough.” – Walter E. Williams, “Sheer Lunacy on Campus” – LewRockwell, May 17th, 2017.

“Under the program, Toronto Police officers are dispatched to monitor schools and connect with students in an attempt to curb potential problems… ‘It creates an unsafe, dangerous environment,’ insisted James Campbell, a former teacher and current member of Educators for Peace and Justice. ‘Student have a right to feel safe where they go to school’… Desmond Cole, who shut down last month’s police board meeting with a protest over carding, told the board they were going to be made to do the right thing with SROs (School Resource Officer Program)… ‘The reason we put cops in schools is why we put them anywhere else: It’s intimidation’ Cole said.” – Kevin Connor, “Decision delayed on fate of cops in schools program” – Toronto Sun, May 23rd, 2017.