“Think Tank Of One” Appeal For Donations

The following is the text of an e-mail I received yesterday:

“After a dozen years in the Canadian Army, and 30 years in the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies and the Mackenzie Institute, I now find myself without a suitable vehicle for my talents and perspectives. I am a superb writer, speaker and lecturer; an expert in several fields of knowledge; and possessed of the ability to rapidly synthesize new information. In an era where information flows so quickly, good-quality analysis and practical perspective is often lacking… that’s where I’m needed.

“By creating my ‘Think Tank of One’, I intend to provide timely and reasoned comment and interpretation on issues related to organized violence and instability.

“Friends and supporters will receive a monthly briefing on a relevant issue. As the project continues, I’ll be building an exciting website and providing regular commentary on current events on Youtube.

“Everyone’s challenge these days is to make sense of the flood of information we all cope with, I can be a rock in that river.

“My personal philosophy is I’ve always got something new to learn, this means I’ve always got something new to share.”

I have found John Thompson’s bulletins to be informative, and considerably more frequent than once a month.

You can visit his website here.

You can donate here.

Jeff Goodall.