Random Quotations – June 22nd, 2017

Seven items in total…

“The typical liberal doesn’t give a damn about your individual rights or opinions. He only cares about his own point-of-view, which he, uncritically, deems to be superior. Today’s liberal will go on at length about ‘social justice’ and the ‘common good,’ but his bottom line is a society that conforms to his ideological aims and his alone. When a belief system is enshrined in a religion, it cannot tolerate criticism. In conformity with this new religion, a Hillary Clinton victory might have placed us closer to a political inquisition in which conservatives would be given the chance to confess and recant.” – The Federalist, quoted by Ed Brodow in “The source of leftist intolerance” – The Daily Caller, June 16th, 2017.

“Earlier, the university said it was awarding the aeronautics degree, with a concentration in flight education, to Martin ‘in honor of his love for planes and the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot’… The teen was shot and killed in Sanford by George Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense on the grounds of a gated community in which Zimmerman and Martin’s father’s fiancee lived. Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in 2013.” – Jim Hayward, “Trayvon Martin’s parents accept posthumous aeronautical science degree” – Palm Beach Post, May 13th, 2017.

“The culture of the ghetto opposes everything usually believed proper in an advanced society: high academic standards, equality of opportunity, good English, minimal obscenity, equality under the law, low rates of crime, reasonable self-reliance, freedom of speech. Black culture, intensely racist, encourages none of these and opposes most. It is tribal, based on identity, instead of principle.” – Fred Reed, “Oncoming racial doom: The clash of cultures” – Fred On Everything, June 15th, 2017.

“… in posts on its website dating back to 2014, SPLC had repeatedly implied that Scalise associated with white supremacists and other groups the organization had deemed ‘hate groups,’ including the Family Research Center where a gunman attacked the conservative, Christian group’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. in 2012 and later told law enforcement that he was inspired by SPLC’s Hate Map.” – Penny Starr, “Southern Poverty Law Center admits shooter ‘liked’ its Facebook page, doesn’t retract repeated attacks on Rep. Scalise” – Breitbart, June 14th, 2017.

“The cost is huge – with latest estimates indicating taxpayers have to underwrite recent arrivals to the tune of around $30 billion annually. Young people in large cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are being crowded out of the housing market by sky-high prices caused largely by the ceaseless flow of new arrivals, and the quality of life of most residents is negatively affected by increased traffic and commute times, along with congestion and pressure on the health care and education systems.” – Martin Collacott, “Canada replacing its population a case of wilful ignorance, greed, excess political correctness” – Vancouver Sun, June 4th, 2017.

“…Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of a problem with the left that existed before he was born. The left is an angry movement. It is animated by an outraged self-righteousness whose moral superiority doubles as dehumanization… The left likes to think that its anger is good anger because it’s angry over the plight of illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists, transgender bathrooms, the lack of abortion in South Carolina, the minimum wage at Taco Bell, budget cuts, tax cuts, police arrests, drone strikes and all the other ways in which reality differs from its utopia. But all that anger isn’t the road to a better world, but to hate and violence.” – Daniel Greenfield, “Anger Privilege” – Front Page Mag, June 20th, 2017.

“Curiously, what made me give up all interest in the problems of blacks was not their virulent racism, the horrendous rates of crime, or the parasitism. Instead it was the assaults by blacks and their fellow travelers on Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans… The erasure of the South and the Confederacy by people most of whom couldn’t spell it, of Washington and Jefferson and Lee by grifters, race hustlers, wanton illiterates and the Brownshirts of Black Lives Matter…enough.” – Fred Reed, “Oncoming racial doom: The clash of cultures” – Fred On Everything, June 15th, 2017.