Ontario To “Equity Hire” Members Of The Judiciary In Future

“Re ‘Ontario judicial applicants invited to self-identify’ (Cdn. Press, August 11): The last thing we need is judicial ‘equity hires’ who will be able to play race and politics on the bench… And now the ultimate boundary – the very interpretation and maintenance of the system of laws which holds our society together – is to be given to the ‘culturally diverse’ while better-qualified White people are kicked into the gutter? I don’t think it will take long before we see astonishing anti-police and other precedents emanating from our courts which it will be ‘politically incorrect’ to overturn…”

The above is taken from a letter-to-the-editor I sent off to the Toronto Sun yesterday in response to a news item in which we are told that “ Ontario is making changes to its judicial applications to try to achieve greater diversity on the provincial bench… The application form is being updated to include an option to self-identify as Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, belonging to a racialized community or other ethnic or cultural group, having a disability, or by gender.” (1).

There seems to no limit to the depths of depravity to which lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne is prepared to subject us, compulsory sex education in the schools being the primary (but by no means only) example.

Blacks and positions of power rarely go well together, as we have seen with disgraced Toronto District School Board Director Chris Spence who had to resign after being caught out in numerous cases of plagiarism, including “overwhelming evidence of plagiarism in Spence’s thesis for his prestigious doctorate of education degree.” (2).

And, Whitby Justice of The Peace Errol Massiah is still fighting the recommendation by a panel of the Justices of the Peace Review Council that he be removed from office “for displaying a consistent pattern of sexual harassment at the Whitby courthouse”, and was last heard from demanding that his massive legal bill (well over half-a-million dollars) be funded by the taxpayers (3).

I’m not holding my breath waiting for the letter to be published, abut it will be interesting to see how this issue progresses. And I must say for the record that I cannot see this further erosion of the foundations of White society doing us any good at all…

What will it take for our people to wake up?

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See “Ontario judicial applicants invited to self-identify” (August 11th, 2017) here.

(2) – See “Tribunal recommends Chris Spence be stripped of doctorate” (June, 2017) here.

(3) – See “Disciplinary panel recommends firing Whitby Justice of the Peace” (April, 2015) here.