Random Quotations – Islam – August 26th, 2017

Six items in total…

“Pope Francis on Monday urged countries to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns… In the message, Francis demanded governments welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants, saying Jesus’ message of love is rooted in welcoming the ‘rejected strangers of every age’.” (Emphasis added -JG) – Breitbart News, “Pope Francis: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns” – August 21st, 2017.

“Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the government would not publish a much-delayed report into the funding of Islamist extremism in Britain…. Opposition parties condemned the government for not publishing the report. They said that the decision appeared to be intended to bury any criticism of Saudi Arabia.” – Soeren Kern, “A month of Islam and multiculturalism in Britain: July 2017” – Gatestone Institute, August 26th, 2017.

“The free world, if it would like to win this war, will first have to give up its duplicity. It will have to target the nurseries of terror indoctrination without cherry-picking and keeping favorites. If not, the global security organizations will find themselves exhausted running after the individual suspects, but each time looking just at the ‘minnows’, never the pond they swim in.” – Khadija Khan, “Target the nurseries of terror indoctrination” – Gatestone Institute, August 21st, 2017.

“Volumes of revered Islamic texts establish in great detail the grounds of violence and oppression of non-believers and those deemed heretical. These supposed grounds – made alive daily in madrassas and mosques across the world before being acted upon by religiously-trained terrorists – are childishly dismissed by Western liberals as immaterial.” – Saher Fares, “Is a tolerant culture being replaced by an intolerant one?” – Gatestone Institute, August 18th, 2017.

“Swiss authorities have charged an imam from Ethiopia with inciting violence by calling in a sermon for local Muslims who refused to pray to be burned alive, prosecutors said on Friday.” – Melissa Eddy, “Imam in Switzerland urged burning of Muslims who don’t pray, prosecutors say” – New York Times, August 11th, 2017.

“In a shameless rejection of all decent progressive principles, Orbán, Szydlo and Fico place the welfare of their own citizens above the welfare of the vibrant vulnerable. Indeed, Fico has crystallized his hate into a single shocking phrase: Islam na Slovensku nemá priestor – ‘Islam has no place in Slovakia’.” – Tobias Langdon, “The Silent Sisterhood: How feminists collaborate with rape and murder” – The Occidental Observer, August 17th, 2017.