Random Quotations – LGBTQ – August 26th, 2017

Five items in total…

“A bill to restrict transgender people’s use of bathrooms in Texas has collapsed after a grand coalition of rights activists and big business united against the controversial legislation… The bill, which would have required transgender people to use bathrooms matching their birth gender, roiled the ruling Republican Party for months in the country’s second most populous state and was seen as reflecting a wider national cultural divide… The bill’s collapse came after the speaker of the house – a moderate Republican who opposed the legislation – failed to allot any time for lawmakers to discuss it.” (Emphasis added -JG) – msn.com, “Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ collapses in Texas” – August 16th, 2017.

“We don’t have those kinds of people here. We don’t have any gays. And if there are some, please take them to Canada… They are devils. They are for sale. They are not people. God damn them for what they are accusing us of.” – Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov, quoted by The Daily Beast in “Chechen leader on torture claims: Gays are not people” – July 15th, 2017.

“Apparently science is embraced by the Left when discussing climate change but not so much when it’s used to suggest that anatomy might just be coded in a person’s DNA rather than being a personal choice that each millennial can make, and change, on a whim.” – Tyler Durden “Damore’s revenge: Google faces growing legal threats as other Googlers come forward” – Zero Hedge, Aug 25th, 2017.

“President Trump’s decision to ban so-called transgender persons from the military makes perfect sense: the armed forces exist to win wars – they are not a laboratory for social or sexual engineers.” – Bill Donohue, “Trump is right about transgenders” – Catholic League, July 26th, 2017.

“First off, it’s always great fun to hear about the political left’s identity politics blow up in their faces… Their ‘progressive’ ideology is driven by dividing people up by race, religion, sex, gender and every other group that they can strain their warped minds to conceive and invent… With a population split into a myriad of minority groups, all of whom are classed ‘oppressed’, the political left then presents itself as the champion of the oppressed and benefits from their support.” – Henry Watts, “Labour suspends Councillor after she claims gay pride perverts traumatise children” – British National Party, August 8th, 2017.