Random Quotations – August 31st, 2017

Eight items in total…

“As if the city of Houston hasn’t seen enough tragedy due to catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey, things took a turn for the worse today after a U.S. Navy ship collided with a building in the downtown area… It was unclear why the destroyer was not able to see the building and take evasive action, or why it was over 20 miles inland and trying to navigate through a major metropolitan area… Despite reticence from the Navy, a senior defense official speculated the ship had likely veered off course from its patrol route in the South China Sea.” – DuffelBlog, “Navy destroyer collides with building in downtown Houston” – August 29th, 2017. (Yes, this is satire! -JG).

“What if, having systematically attacked what seems like every other institution involved in American government – the judiciary, the intelligence community, the press, the election process, law enforcement, Congress – he’s now set to attack and undermine the institution whose nomination he commandeered to obtain the presidency? What if he simply ditched the Republican Party, either officially or in spirit?” – Washington Post story “What if Trump ditched the GOP? The party is not immune to being fired” – National Post, August 27th, 2017.

“To some fevered minds in the punditocracy the, ahem, ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators in Quebec City last weekend were like our Allied forces storming the beaches of Normandy to take on Hitler… Odd, but I don’t recall our World War II vets, having defeated Nazism, returning home to attack police with smoke bombs, fireworks and glass bottles.” – Lorrie Goldstein, “The fascism of the ‘anti-fascists’ on display” – Toronto Sun, August 24th, 2017.

“Antifa members popularized the idea it was okay to ‘punch a Nazi’… But this is a slippery slope. When there were no Nazis to be found, Antifa began punching conservatives, police officers, journalists and anyone else who questioned their militant tactics.” – Candice Malcolm, “Undeserved praise for Antifa’s thugs” – Toronto Sun, August 30th, 2017.

“More than ever, it’s important to raise awareness about the powerful forces that promote war, injustice and oppression, and which put Jewish-Zionist interests ahead of what’s best for America and humanity.” – Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review in the email bulletin “Credit card processing shut down by deep state censors” – Late August, 2017.

“If [impeachment] happens, there will be a civil war in the United States of America. The Christians will finally come out of the shadows, because we are going to be shut up permanently if we’re not careful…” – Televangelist Jim Bakker, quoted by Bob Unruh in “Televangelist Jim Bakker: ‘Civil war’ if Trump impeached” – WND, August 29th, 2017.

“It has just been revealed that Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has in the first three months of his presidency spent more than $30,000 on make-up services… Macron is only 39, the youngest French President ever, and therefore, one might assume, someone who would be least in need of such services, and certainly not to this expensive extent.” – Hugh Fitzgerald, “Just a note on Macron-management” – Jihad Watch, August 28th, 2017.

“From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy I expected and hoped that it would accelerate racial polarization and White radicalization as well as discredit the anti-White media and its false narratives. As that racial polarization – the Great Divide – occurs, our success or failure, and with it the life or death of our race, will depend on how many of the people of our race break to our side of the divide.” – Richard McCulloch, “The Moral Battle” – The Occidental Observer, August 28th, 2017.