Anti-White Racism Quotations – Sept. 29th, 2017

Six items in total…

“A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem… If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the teams star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nation’s anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.” – Alex Thomas, “Shock report: NFL’S Oakland Raiders threw game after White QB refused to kneel for national anthem” – The Daily Sheeple, Sept. 29th, 2017.

“Speaking at a meeting for The World Transformed group organised by the Brighton branch of the Labour Party’s Momentum group, she demanded that white candidates are barred from standing in a raft of parliamentary constituencies and that ‘all-black’ shortlists of candidates must be created for local elections.” – Charlie Wythe, “Diane Abbott – Ban white people from standing as MPs” – Freedom Post, Sept. 27th, 2017.

“A highly qualified and respected veteran law enforcement official with impressive credentials was precipitously eliminated as a finalist to be police chief in a U.S. city after officials discovered he endorsed immigration enforcement… (this is a) troublesome case in which the support for the rule of law served as a disqualifier for a candidate hired to enforce the rule of law.” – Judicial Watch, “City abruptly eliminates police chief finalist for supporting immigration enforcement” – Sept. 25th, 2017.

“Melanie Crow Smith, 39, of Smyrna, died and another six were injured when Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, opened fire at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, 30 minutes southeast of Nashville in Antioch, as services let out at 11.15am… Police say that Samson, originally from Khartoum, Sudan but who now lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was spotted in the parking lot wearing a mask before he shot dead Smith.” – Daily Mail, “Sudanese bodybuilder is charged with murder after gunman burst into Tennessee church and opened fire killing one woman and wounding six others before being taken down by a hero armed usher” – Sept. 24th, 2017.

“Jewish political organizations generally supported internationalism over an independent and largely homogenous Ukraine, no doubt because they saw this as being more in line with their interests. We can see similar trends today with Jewish organizations supporting anti-White-ethnonationalist policies throughout the West but defending Jewish identitarianism – and often Israel as well – on the other.” – Thomas Jones, “Petliura and the pogroms in interwar Ukraine, Part 2” – Occidental Observer, Sept. 29th, 2017.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder (Colin Kaepernick)… We must say with a loud voice that we join with Colin Kaepernick in the fight against police brutality. We must reclaim his righteous anger and tell anyone who wants to promote peace or love or patriotism or team spirit that their mealy mouthed intentions are not welcome.” – Margaret Kimberley, “Freedom rider: Killing Kaepernick’s movement” – Black Agenda Report, Sept. 27th, 2017.