Adjusting To Change…

(This post will be kept more-or-less “on top of” my other posts, and I invite you to check in once in a while…)

Since I posted “Crossroads!” on July 4th of this year (1), I am well on the way to changing my routine and switching from working on my blog, to preparing to spend several hours a day working on my memoirs.

I find that I still want to be well-informed, and I spend the first hour or two each day keeping up with incoming emails and other chores. I am not assembling anything new for posting other than interesting quotations I find, and these are fully credited so you can easily find the original article and read it in full if you wish. Beyond that, I want to concentrate on settling into writing, although any news issue that comes up that I consider to be worth an “original” post in its own right will receive prompt attention. We’ll see how that goes…

Also, I have switched my internet provider, and as I expected, it was a massively disruptive process, necessitated by rapidly increasing costs; the big cable companies are on the way to oblivion if they don’t straighten out their act. I will not be replacing my cable TV, as more and more often I sit down to watch TV, then find that there is nothing on that I want to see.

I will miss “Heartbeat” and “Last of the Summer Wine” which I watch largely for the Yorkshire Moors scenery which I remember so well, and “Doc Martin” and some other shows I like. I did that before decades ago, and went without television for a number of years. And I also remember the Southern Baptists who, several decades ago, lined their TV sets up in a field and shot them all.

In “We are living in dangerous times! Be sure you stay informed” (2), I provide a list of email subscriptions you can sign up for in order to have genuine news of real importance delivered to you on a regular basis. That list will be up-dated from time-to-time, so visit it once in a while to see if anything of interest to you has been added.

This is my 3,186th post since the first one appeared on May 22nd, 2010!

There is a great deal of information here, ranging from events such as the Michael Brown media rampage, to the “culture of entitlement”, White European and military history and news, the Sammy Yatim killing, the Toronto G20 riots, and the “rare earth metals crisis” created by China, seemingly assisted by American stupidity or deliberate enabling…

These are easily accessed through the “categories” section, or by using the site search-engine (scroll all the way down, it’s on the right).

There are far more subjects and events covered than I could hope to list here, so if you are interested in anything within this time-frame, check it out; you may find plenty of useful information in my blog recorded at the time the events occurred.

Cheers! Maybe you will have a chance to buy and read my memoirs in a year or three…

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “Crossroads!” here.

(2) – Read “We are living in dangerous times! Be sure you stay informed” here.