Anti-White Racism Quotations – Oct. 13th, 2017

Four items in total…

(Language alert for the second item).

“They don’t want a city that is so inclusive of everyone and it is absolutely incumbent on us to hold on to the city we are proud of to make sure that we vote… We know they are using a lot of technology to get people who don’t believe in diversity to get people who might be racists or haters out to vote… Get your neighbours and your family and your friends and your co-workers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, Pakistani and non-Pakistani, alike out to vote…” – Incumbent Calgary mayoralty candidate Naheed Nenshi, quoted by Eva Ferguson in “Nenshi warns voters about ‘racists, haters’ trying to influence election online” – Calgary Herald, Oct. 9th, 2017.

“The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice. White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing. As the monuments of white supremacist society fall we must continue to make it clear that their reign of terror is coming to an end… #FuckColumbusDay… #DestroyColonialism” – Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, “Deface Columbus Day: A call to action” – Sept. 21st, 2017.

“At around the same time as the two neo-Nazi groups were banned at the end of September 2017, Home Secretary Amber Rudd refused to ban Hezbollah’s political wing in the UK. Hezbollah itself, obviously, does not distinguish between its ‘political’ and ‘military’ wings. In other words, you can go ahead and support Hezbollah in the UK, no problem. Support the far right and you can end up in jail for a decade.” – Judith Bergman, “UK: Extremely selective free speech” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 12th, 2017.

“Suju, the wife of a jailed Pakistani gang rapist… said of his white victims: ‘Filthy. How they dress. They have no shame, no fear of Allah… They did something to him, maybe bad magic. I am now alone, no money, no life’… According to this wife’s arcane superstitions, it’s the practise of witchcraft by white girls which spellbinds ‘men of Pakistani heritage’ to prey on them and take them as slaves for men of all ages in the Muslim community… But be assured, she’s the victim because her morally bereft, rapist husband has been jailed.” – Henry Watts, “White girls are ‘filthy’ and maybe use ‘black magic’ says Muslim rape gang wife” – British National Party, Oct. 3rd, 2017.

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