Time For A “New Right” Leader…

Toronto Sun, October 24th, 2017:

Brown Wrong

Re “PC Leader Patrick Brown shuts down his party’s social conservatives” (Postmedia Network, Oct 17): “Patrick Brown … exercised his veto over a handful of policy ideas that did not reflect the values of a modern, inclusive PC Party.” Say what? The leader is supposed to represent the party, not the party the leader. I abandoned the “Progressive” Conservatives just as soon as it became clear that Brown had betrayed the socially conservative supporters who had helped him to obtain the leadership position. We now get this same PC garbage from all of the “traditional” parties, and I am sick of it. My vote will go to any politician who represents my views, and can be counted on to be honest and straightforward. If we are told in the future that Brown was put into the Ontario Conservatives on a mission to wreck them, I would accept that as fact without hesitation. It’s time for a “New Right” leader who will represent what we think, not tell us what to think.

Jeff Goodall

(Social conservatives feel betrayed by Brown and it will cost him support in the June, 2018 election)

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Jeff Goodall.