Random Quotations – October 26th, 2017

Five items in total…

“…the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) believes that the European Union better represents the interests of Scotland than any UK government ever could… So, the SNP plans to leave one union and join another union… This is because the SNP politicians and hierarchy are not nationalists at all; indeed, independence is only useful insofar as it can push Scotland further into multiculturalism and ultra-PC authoritarianism – that is, at a slightly faster (sic) than the rest of the UK.” – James Chapp, “SNP plans to break up Scotland” – British National Party, Oct. 21st, 2017.

“Despite or perhaps because of an early life marked by war, hunger, displacement and loss, Fred truly viewed each day as a miracle. Immigrating to Canada, he was always grateful for the safety and opportunity this great country offered.” – From an obituary in the Toronto Star, Oct. 21st, 2017.

“It appears that I’m not imagining things when I get the feeling that I no longer live in the same country as my fellow Americans. Many of them exist in a place where there is no God; there is no such thing as a man or woman; there is no truth; there is not objective morality; babies aren’t people; marriage is a social construct; the whole point of life is to make money and go on nice vacations, and the government’s job is to take care of our every need from cradle to grave… I think there are tough times ahead. Get ready. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a gun.” – Matt Walsh, “The United States of America no longer exists” – The Daily Wire, Oct. 18th, 2017.

“Instead of criticising Trump for his no-nonsense tweets, politicians in Britain should be hanging their heads in shame… President Trump is correct, the terminally-Liberal PC political class in Britain are failing the British people while lining up to smash the mirror which reminds them of their ugliness.” – Henry Watts, “Politicians attack Trump for slamming their catastrophic record on crime” – British National Party, Oct. 20th, 2017.

“In the past week, a media narrative developed about how President Trump hadn’t spoken publicly about the deaths of the men at the hands of an ISIS affiliate group. This didn’t happen by accident, it happened suddenly and from multiple media outlets and ‘journalists,’ as if it were coordinated… Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is off limits, and everything is political… there is nothing Democrats won’t exploit, no grave they won’t dance on, if they think they can score political points. And there’s nothing ‘journalists’ won’t spin, won’t lie about, and no hypocrisy too great to prevent them from smearing their political opponents.” – Derek Hunter, “Despicable People” – Townhall, Oct. 22nd, 2017.