Random Quotations – Islam – Nov. 5th, 2017

Four items in total…

“…in 2012, a member of Egypt’s majority-Muslim Brotherhood parliament submitted a bill to clarify that sexual intercourse with a dead wife must occur within six hours of her death… According to a current statement on the Al Tahir website – Egypt’s electronic daily newspaper with a mission to bring truthful information to readers – intercourse with the dead is part of the Islamic heritage and is still rightly being taught… according to the website ‘the farewell intercourse’ is ‘…fixed among the pages of books of Islamic heritage for decades without revision or modification’.” – Ashraf Ramelah, “Exposing Islam’s ‘necromancy’ doctrine risks Al-Azhar scholar’s professorship” – Family Security Matters, Nov. 1st, 2017. (You can read the full article here).

“The louder and more frequently jihadists around the globe shriek their signature battle cry, the more fervently multicultural apologists deny its meaning. They’ve transformed the Islamic supremacists’ obvious and explicit call for violence into a bland utterance of peace as indiscernible and nonsensical as ‘Aloha Snackbar’.” – Michelle Malkin, “Allahu Akbar-itis: America’s deadly and debilitating disease” – Jewish World Review, Nov. 1st, 2017.

“It begins. CNN reports murderer said ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Queue the Islamophobia.” – Rice University sociologist Dr. Craig Considine, quoted by Michelle Malkin in “Allahu Akbar-itis: America’s deadly and debilitating disease” – Jewish World Review, Nov. 1st, 2017.

“German police officers in the city of Halle were attacked by a gang of ‘youths’ on Halloween night, and police in Cologne were forced to call for reinforcements due to sex attacks and violence from young migrant men… In Cologne, police had to call for reinforcements after drunken men, described as North Africans and Arabs, gathered near the site of the infamous Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks.” – Chris Tomlinson, “Women sexually assaulted by ‘North African, Arab’ migrants in Cologne on Halloween” – Breitbart, Nov. 2nd, 2017.

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