Random Quotations – Nov. 5th, 2017

Five items in total…

“Hillary should be in jail for her unlawful deeds and President Trump should absolutely, absolutely make sure this happens to send the very strong message that no-one, and I mean no-one, is above the law in the United States of America… Goddamnit man, you were elected for this very reason, lock that bitch up!” Morgan Freeman, quoted by Baxter Dmitry in “Morgan Freeman: ‘Jailing Hillary’ best way to restore public faith in govt” – Your News Wire, Oct. 29th, 2017.

“An Egyptian immigrant, convicted paedophile, and serial rapist will have his jail term in the UK reduced because he is deaf and cannot hear the television in his cell or chat to other inmates… He was sentenced to 20 years after raping and sexually assaulting three girls as young as eight. But appeal judges slashed the term to 18 years after hearing that he was struggling with life behind bars.” – Liam Deacon, “Deaf paedophile migrant has sentence cut as he can’t hear TV” – Breitbart, Oct 31st, 2017.

“Because make no mistake: today’s feminists believe all men are predators, violent cavemen, ‘rapists waiting to find their victims’ and they are ready and willing to pounce on the latest barrage of accusations as proof of their beliefs. With today’s feminists, if a man is accused of anything sexual, he is guilty. Period. We’ve already seen this happening on college campuses, where kissing is considered ‘sexual assault’ and hearing a dirty joke is considered ‘sexual harassment’.” (Emphasis in original) – Ann-Marie Murrell, “Beware the de-testosteronization of men” – PolitiChicks, Nov. 2nd, 2017.

“The Soviet Union and the United States also informally agreed during the Cold War that their own dependent allies who had the ability to go nuclear – including Eastern Bloc nations, most Western European countries, Australia and Canada – would not. Instead, they would depend on their superpower patrons for nuclear deterrence.” – Victor Davis Hanson, “Who gets to have nuclear weapons and why?” – Townhall, Nov. 2nd, 2017.

“It didn’t matter that the B-59 was incommunicado – Moscow had already authorized the vessel to launch the (nuclear) torpedo if deemed necessary. Still, protocol required Savitsky to get unanimous agreement from two others on board before the order could take place: his deputy political officer, Ivan Maslennikov, and his second-in-command, Arkhipov… Maslennikov said yes. Arkhipov said no.” – Yasmeen Serhan, “When the world lucked out of a nuclear war” – MSN, Nov. 4th, 2017. (I was a boy soldier in the British Army then, and learned how to use a dosimeter at the age of 16 -JG).