Anti-White Racism Quotations – Nov. 9th, 2017

Five items in total…

“Just look at what happened with the recently posted signs simply saying ‘It’s Okay to be White.’ Look at the reactions. Merely saying it is okay to be white is being seen as a hate crime. This makes it brutally clear what the agenda is.” – John Young, “So brainwashed they murder their own” – Western Voices World News, Nov. 7th, 2017.

“Furious members of a Royal British Legion club are now planning to boycott the service at St Peter’s Church in Oadby, Leicestershire after the Reverend Steve Bailey banned the hymn.” – Amie Gordon, “Vicar bans Onward Christian Soldiers hymn from Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends non-Christians” – Mail Online, Oct. 27th, 2017.

“He said my daughter was a racist just because she allowed herself to say that not all migrants are poor people fleeing wars…” – czakal, “Italy: Teenage girls given homework assignment to approach migrants in the street and ask about their life stories” – Diversity Macht Frei, Oct. 26th, 2017.

“The Air Force Academy says racial slurs posted outside the dorm rooms of five black students were written by one of those students… The announcement Tuesday was a jarring turn in an episode that prompted the academy’s superintendent to make a widely viewed speech warning that racists were not welcome at the school.” – AP, “Racial slurs at Air Force Academy were written by person who was targeted” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 7th, 2017.

“A black Kansas man has admitted he put racist graffiti on his own car as a Halloween prank that got out of hand, police said Monday… Photographs posted on social media Wednesday showed the car covered with racial slurs against blacks and messages that included ‘Go Home’ ‘Date your own kind,’ and ‘Die’… But on Monday the Riley County Police Department issued a news release saying the 21-year-old owner of the vehicle, Dauntarius Williams, had told investigators that he was responsible for the graffiti… Authorities concluded that charging him for filing a false report would ‘not be in the best interests of the citizens’ of Manhattan.” (Watch out for racist slurs written in “washable paint”! -JG).