Random Quotations – Education – Nov. 15th, 2017

Six items in total…

“…Peterson said the website would enable students to enter university course descriptions, as well as professors’ names, disciplines and places of work, to find out if the course was in what he judges to be a ‘corrupt’ discipline, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take the course and ‘become a social justice warrior’… Eventually the website would contain a list of ‘courses and professors and disciplines that should be avoided’.” – Samantha Beattie, “U of T prof’s proposed website would target professors teaching women’s and ethnic studies” – Toronto Star, Nov. 10th, 2017.

“We will in essence challenge ourselves by being public with our data… An institution is going to say to itself, ‘If this data is going to be public, we want it to look as best as it can.’ It’s a simple approach called self-monitoring. If we have public self-monitoring, change will happen.” – Mike Mahon, the chair of Universities Canada’s board of directors, quoted by Simona Chiose in “Canada’s universities commit to diversity with plan to make demographic data public” – Globe & Mail. Oct. 26th, 2017.

“…any speech that the left wishes to suppress or avoid it categorizes as being equivalent to violence; conservative ideology is thought of as being weaponized as ‘hate speech’ and potentially harmful to listeners. Any speech that is labeled as ‘hate speech’ condemns that expression to lacking the protection of free speech, and because it thereby falls outside the bounds of acceptable expression, it is undeserving of being heard and justified in being suppressed.” – Richard L. Cravatts, “Don’t tell me about facts. I don’t need no facts – The intellectual arrogance of suppressing campus speech” – Front Page Mag, Oct. 30th, 2017.

“The University of Ottawa is getting provincial money to help schools fight discrimination, Education Minister Mitzie Hunter (Black – JG) announced Monday… They’re calling it an Equity Knowledge Network, which is ‘intended to bring together educators, school and system leaders, and community partners to work on identifying and removing all forms of discrimination and systemic barriers from schools and classrooms, and uphold diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights’.” – David Reevely, “U of O gets grant to fight discrimination in schools, though not the most obvious kind” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 6th, 2017.

“If this trend continues of radical leftist indoctrination, I’m not really interested in being a part of it… Universities are no longer places where ideas may freely circulate… They are places where if you even bring up the ‘wrong idea’ – ideas they do not consider politically correct – you are labelled some sort of public enemy… Universities are no longer places where one can engage with controversial ideas… They are echo chambers for left-wing ideology.” – 22-year-old Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd, quoted by Mark Bonokoski in “Odious censuring of grad student worsened by Hitler reference” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 15th, 2017.

“A furious stepfather has refused to let his 12-year-old stepdaughter finish her homework after she was asked to write a letter to her family about becoming a Muslim… Mark McLachlan, 43, from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, has slammed the decision by the Kepier School to ask pupils to pen the note… ‘What I don’t want is a school asking my stepdaughter to look into reasons for converting to another religion’.” – Abe Hawken, “Write letter to family about converting to Islam: Furious stepfather refuses to let his stepdaughter, 12, complete her homework after she is asked to pen them a note about becoming a Muslim” – Mail Online, Nov. 9th, 2017.