Random Quotations – Free Speech – Dec. 24th, 2017

Six items in total…

“…we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that legislators have actually demanded this of the universities… And so, the person who is actually to blame for what happened at Wilfrid Laurier is Kathleen Wynne because she put forward the legislation that made the gendered and sexual violence office at Wilfrid Laurier a mandated, legislated necessity… What we saw in Wilfrid Laurier was actually a manifestation of the legislation and not a misinterpretation of it…” – Jordan Peterson, quoted by Antonella Artuso in “Pronouns professor Jordan Peterson on the Lindsay Shepherd affair” – Toronto Sun, Dec. 24th, 2017.

“All forms of hate crime are completely unacceptable and those who commit these awful crimes should be met with the full force of the law. Our Hate Crime Action Plan is improving the response of law enforcement and criminal justice system to these horrendous attacks, including ensuring more victims have the confidence to come forward and report such incidents.” – Catholic Herald, “British Government refuses to say whether proclaiming divinity of Christ is a hate crime” – Dec. 14th, 2017.

“In Britain…many Muslims felt unsupported in their reaction to Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses and faced a backlash from those who they felt prioritized freedom of speech above respect for minorities.” – Runnymede Trust report, quoted by Bruce Bawer in “Britain: The ‘Islamophobia’ industry strikes again” – Gatestone Institute, Dec. 20th, 2017.

“Cases involving political abuse such as ‘#kickaTory’ or even ‘#killaTory’ were much more difficult and depended on context, the MPs were told on Tuesday. ‘It would be a big step to take down such material in an automated way without anyone seeing it,’ said Simon Milner of Facebook.” – Alan Travis, “MPs press social media firms over failure to take down hate speech” – The Guardian, Dec. 19th, 2017.

“Support for free speech does not translate into tolerance for hate speech… The public library is a welcoming, inclusive public space that supports the social justice principles of equity and inclusion and will always stand up against hate speech.” – and – “The Toronto Public Library is not a private club… It belongs to all citizens and should be open to use, including rental of rooms for meetings, to all citizens, without discrimination, if for no other reason than all taxpayers pay for it…” – Samantha Beattie, “Toronto library looks at barring hate groups from renting space” – Toronto Star, Dec. 11th, 2017.

“Tweets can still include hate imagery, but users will have to click through a warning to see them, the company said… The Nazi swastika was the only specific example of a hateful image that Twitter gave, but the company said it would try to give warnings for all symbols historically associated with hate groups or which depict people as less than human… Twitter said it had decided not to categorize the U.S. Confederate flag as hateful imagery, citing its place in history.” – Reuters, “Twitter will put warnings on swastikas and other hate images, rolls out stricter content rules” – Financial Post, Dec. 18th, 2017.