Random Quotations – Dec. 26th, 2017

Five items in total…

“They hate us. They have private investigators on us all the time, trying to investigate. The thought once came to my mind, why didn’t they just hire someone to knock me off… For a thousand bucks paid to the right person you can probably get someone killed. Perhaps I’m surprised that hasn’t happened.” – Barry Sherman, quoted in “Two legacies, one dark mystery: Toronto elite reeling after violent deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman” – National Post, Dec. 22nd, 2017. (This is an extensive and revealing article, you can read it here.)

“People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again… I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. Merry  Christmas!!!!!” (Emphasis in original) – President Trump, quoted by Newsweek in “Donald Trump has made ‘Merry Christmas’ OK again, the President claims in festive Florida address” – Dec. 25th, 2017.

“Both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by terrorists to attack our country… the programs make it more difficult to keep dangerous people out of the United States and to protect the safety of every American.” – Tyler Houlton, acting DHS press secretary, quoted by Nicole Chavez in “Pennsylvania police shootings were ‘a terror attack,’ DHS says” – CNN, Dec. 24th, 2017.

“I don’t know that anyone had invented the term ‘platinum’ for a 70th wedding anniversary when I was born… You weren’t expected to be around that long.” – Queen Elizabeth II, quoted by James Masters (CNN) in “Queen pays tribute to terror and fire victims in Christmas speech” – MSN, Dec. 25th, 2017.

“(The drug company) Purdue’s program was to get OxyContin prescribed for even minor pain. Part of that was to claim that OxyContin was less addictive because it was timed-release, but simply breaking the pill up before swallowing negated the timed-release and they were well aware of that. Their promotional materials emphasized their humanitarian motives – what could be more high-minded than relieving pain without fear of addiction… misrepresentation was at the root of the $600M judgement against Purdue obtained by the US government.” – Dr. Kevin MacDonald, “Opioids and the crisis of the white working class” – Occidental Observer, Dec. 22nd, 2017.