Random Quotations – Christianity – Dec. 31st, 2017

Five items in total…

“The word ‘Christmas,’ a symbol of our faith and our culture, does not discriminate against anyone. Striking the emblems of Christmas does not guarantee anyone’s respect, does not produce a welcoming and inclusive school and society, but fosters intolerance towards our culture, our customs, our laws and our traditions. We firmly believe that our traditions must be respected.” – Milan politician Samuele Piscina, quoted by Soeren Kern in “Europe: The Islamization of Christmas” – Gatestone Institute, Dec. 24th, 2017.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is tracking the hashtags #Christmas, #MerryChristmas, #Jesus, and #ChristmasEve, as part of ‘trends in a community of far-right Twitter users’… According to the SPLC, its ‘hate tracker’ tracks accounts that represent a ‘range of extremists,’ from ‘conspiratorial fringes of mainstream conservatism to outright white supremacists’.” – Kristina Wong, “Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘hate tracker’ picks up #Christmas as trending hashtag” – Breitbart, Dec. 25th, 2017.

“Speaking to Premier Christian Radio, Lord Pearson said the refusal to comment was ‘pretty unique’ and ‘makes one very worried’… He said the current definition of ‘hate crime’, which relies on whether the victim feels offended, was ‘stupid’ and called for the law to be clarified.” – Catholic Herald, “British Government refuses to say whether proclaiming divinity of Christ is a hate crime” – Dec. 14th, 2017.

“The re-theologizing of Christmas is based on the false premise that the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus (Isa) of the Koran. This religious fusion, sometimes referred to as ‘Chrislam,’ is gaining ground in a West that has become biblically illiterate.” (Emphasis added) – Soeren Kern, “Europe: The Islamization of Christmas” – Gatestone Institute, Dec. 24th, 2017.


“Christian Civil Rights Watch is a group of Christian legal watchmen who educate, communicate and, where necessary, litigate… (Matt) Barber, who is CCRW’s Co-Founder and General Counsel, said, ‘It’s time to go on the offense! It’s time to fight for true civil rights. The battle lines are drawn. Restoring Christian civil rights is the civil rights struggle of our time. Cultural Marxists, church-state separatists, ‘progressive’ anti-Christian religious segregationists and ‘LGBT’ sexual anarchists now openly attack our liberty. Who watches them?’ asked Barber.” – ClashAmerica, “Dear gay cake bullies and other anti-Christian goobers: ‘The Christian Civil Rights Watch’ has officially launched” – Dec. 14th, 2017.