The Political Assassination of Patrick Brown

While I am delighted to see the removal of Brown as Ontario conservative leader, I have to ask who is behind it, why, and above all, why now? Is this just another cynical #MeToo drive-by shooting, timed to cause maximum damage to the PC’s? He denies the allegations, and it is unlikely they can be legally proved or disproved before the election on June 7th. The timing is very significant, in my opinion.

Interestingly, only males can be instantly destroyed by such accusations, and the other two party leaders are both female…

So, who benefits from this? The governing Ontario Liberals, obviously. And, far more in my opinion, the Progressive Conservatives. With the divisive and even despised Brown out of the way, there is still a chance to appoint a new leader and have a chance of winning the election, and the massive press coverage accompanying the leadership events will keep the party front-and-centre in the public consciousness.

In the lead-up to the May, 2015 PC leadership convention, I stated in an April letter to the Toronto Sun (1) that “The PC choice is clearly between a fuzzy ‘grovel to the progressives’, so-called conservative (Elliott) and a no-holds-barred Mike Harris-type of ‘antiquated’ fiscal and social conservatism, represented by Patrick Brown, that will offer a very real alternative to the present, irresponsible, liberal vote-buying designed to appeal to lazy, do-nothing social parasites.”

Then Brown turned on many of his supporters, particularly social conservatives, effectively betraying those whose support had been bought with promises he obviously had no intention of keeping. He even began attending lewd “gay pride” events.

As I said in “Conservative Patrick Brown evolves into a Pinko re-tread” (2), “I much preferred him to social libertarian Christine Elliott, wife of the late Federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, precisely because of the values he espoused which he has now disavowed; he has betrayed those whose money and effort put him in the leadership position, saying only that he has ‘evolved’… This is a re-run of what happened with turncoat Ernie Eves, who I described as a ‘Pinko re-tread’ back in September, 2011, referring to his leadership campaign and brief stint as Premier in 2003.”

This accounts for my intense dislike for Brown. He impressed me greatly, I had a letter published praising him to the skies, then he dumped in my face. As I said in the Toronto Star on Nov. 29th last year (3), “He is an utter disgrace and has left a gaping hole on the right that is just begging to be filled by a genuine conservative – hopefully before the next election.” – And in the Toronto Sun on Oct. 24th (4), “If we are told in the future that Brown was put into the Ontario Conservatives on a mission to wreck them, I would accept that as fact without hesitation.”

None of this addresses the question as to the accuracy of the accusations, and it will be interesting to see how that goes. But we do now have a reasonable opportunity to get the Ontario Conservatives up and running with a realistic chance of forming the next government.

Jeff Goodall.

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