Random Quotations – Free Speech – Jan. 28th, 2018

Four items in total…

“In fact, with the London alone boasting over 900 police officers ‘dedicated to investigating hate crime’ – one of Khan’s top priorities as mayor – it seems likely that the annual fall could be more than adequately compensated by redeploying existing resources… Evidence suggests that pressure from Khan and politically correct police chiefs is leading to significant resources being redirected towards offences most members of the public would not consider priorities in a time of rising violent crime.” – Jack Montgomery, “While Khan blames crime wave on cuts, fall in police numbers could be plugged by redeploying ‘hate crime’ officers” – Breitbart, Jan. 26th, 2018.

“The effect of Trudeau’s position is to take federal funding and tie it to forced acceptance of Liberal beliefs. All governments use their access to the public purse to advance their own interests to some degree… but none that I know of have specifically contained an ideological purity test requiring applicants to profess their explicit support of government policy before they are even allowed to apply.” – Kelly McParland, “Our flippant Prime Minister simply won’t tolerate differing views” – National Post, Jan. 15th, 2018.

“Given all this, the idea of her ‘setting it up’ is a vaporous fiction at best. Which, of course flits unimpeded through minds that are dedicated strangers to logic, rationality, or even plausibility. In other words, to Social Justice Warriors, a.k.a., the alt-reasonable crowd… The Shepherd Truthers are as slothful as they are sloppy, and are not about to patch holes in their thinking just because the wind is passing through.” – Rex Murphy, “Time to move on from the Shepherd affair? Hardly” – National Post, Dec. 27th, 2017.

“Beyak’s letters (those from others that she excerpted on her website -JG) exist in the middle and upper echelons of a necessary grey zone. Yes, they are wretched and should be condemned. But they aren’t hate speech. Rather, these letters are examples of the messy and often unfortunate consequences of having free speech in the first place… letter writers can disparage Indigenous people, consequence-free, for the benefit of a sitting senator. You don’t have to like it, but it’s the law.” – Martin Patriquin, “The phoney – and lucrative – martyrdom of Lynn Beyak” – iPolitics, Jan. 15th, 2018.