Random Quotations – Islam – Feb. 3rd, 2018

Six items in total…

“The Conservatives also listed 26 different definitions of the term Islamophobia provided by different witnesses who appeared before the committee. ‘The concerns raised, regarding the dangers of an over-broad definition, or of attempting to condemn Islamophobia without defining which thoughts and actions are thereby also being condemned, were widespread,’ reads the Conservative report… In their own list of recommendations, the Conservatives called on the government to ‘cease using the term Islamophobia, and reiterate its support for freedom of speech and religion’.” – Maura Forrest, “M-103 report makes few recommendations about Islamophobia” – National Post, Feb. 1st, 2018.

“It was recently reported how a husband decided to give triple talaq (verbal divorce) to his wife, after she asked him to admit their four year old daughter to a school. Apart from this, a woman had alleged that following a dowry dispute her husband gave her triple talaq, and threw her off their house’s roof…. Now in a latest incident, a woman hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur was allegedly forced to marry her rapist by the village panchayat (council), after which he (the rapist), gave her triple talaq.” – OpIndia, “Woman forced to marry her rapist by the village panchayat, later gets triple talaq” – Jan. 29th, 2018.

“Over 90 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy have made commitments to promote religious freedom for all Americans as the beginning of a national movement… Methodist, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Lutheran, Episcopal, Catholic, Mormon, Evangelical, Presbyterian, and other faith leaders came together across their diverse religious traditions to promote a culture that treats all Americans with the same dignity, fairness, and respect.” – The International Examiner, “Over 90 faith leaders pledge to dismantle anti-Muslim bigotry” – Jan. 30th, 2018.

“Alicia – whose identity is protected and therefore uses a pseudonym – was only 12 years old when she was married off, raped and thereafter became a mother. Now, her husband and rapist has reportedly been granted custody of their two children.” – Voice of Europe, “Swedish government gives Iraqi child rapist custody of children” – Jan. 30th 2018.

“Instead of sending this highly contentious motion – which proposes designating Jan. 29 as a ‘Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia’ – to executive committee where stakeholders could provide public input, they made it a slam dunk… Mayor John Tory also voted against public input.” – Sue-Ann Levy, “Council a step closer to jumping on Islamophobia bandwagon” – Toronto Sun, Feb. 1st, 2018.

“…because in Islam Muhammad is the supreme example of conduct (cf. Qur’an 33:21), he is considered exemplary in this unto today. And so in April 2011, the Bangladesh Mufti Fazlul Haque Amini declared that those trying to pass a law banning child marriage in that country were putting Muhammad in a bad light: ‘Banning child marriage will cause challenging the marriage of the holy prophet of Islam, [putting] the moral character of the prophet into controversy and challenge.’ He added a threat: ‘Islam permits child marriage and it will not be tolerated if any ruler will ever try to touch this issue in the name of giving more rights to women’.” (emphasis added) – Robert Spencer, “UK: Muslim migrant, 34, turned up to meet 12-year-old girl with a condom and a burger” – Jihad Watch, Jan. 30th, 2018.

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