Random Quotations – Free Speech – Feb. 9th, 2018

Four items in total…

“Anyone who believes in liberty under law should be very worried at the spread of this so-called ‘International Definition of Antisemitism,’ which is clearly aimed at crushing free speech. In essence, the definition states that if Jews don’t like an opinion, it should be illegal to express it… truth will be no defence for anyone…” – Tobias Langdon, “Trashing the Torah: Justice, freedom and Israel’s assault on Jewish values” – Occidental Observer, Feb. 1st, 2018.

“I note your suggestion that the Government should bring back the legislation that was in the Canadian Human Rights Act to deal with hate messages on the internet (the notorious Section 13 -JG). It may interest you to know that this option is currently under review. I will take your comments into consideration.” – Brian Platt, “Liberals reviewing option to revive controversial internet hate speech law repealed in 2013” – National Post, Jan. 22nd, 2018.

“The public’s resolve should be that disinformation is not combated by a regulatory body controlled by Government. Individual arguments, with evidence, is what belongs in a democracy, which can only survive if it is a marketplace of ideas.” – Robbie Travers, “The ‘fake news’ crusade to ‘protect’ you from free speech” – Gatestone Institute, Feb. 1st, 2018.

“While Justin Trudeau uses the slogan, ‘Diversity is our strength,’ he has demonstrated time and again that he does not extend that diversity to thought or conscience… A very smart political observer told me that there is an inherent condescension at the core of the Trudeau government. He said that the Liberals don’t just disagree with their political opponents, but they feel that anyone who opposes their view simply ‘doesn’t understand Canada’…” – Erin O’Toole, “Beware the Liberal thought police” – Toronto Sun, Feb. 7th, 2018.

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