Petition launched against the Gerald Stanley “GoFundMe” page

It was inevitable, I suppose. Self-righteous, “entitled” anti-White racists (self-hating and otherwise) are now demanding that the GoFundMe page raising money to offset Gerald Stanley’s legal costs and other losses be “removed” and the money either refunded or re-directed to “hate crime” education…

According to the National Post (1), “An international advocacy group says it has collected thousands of names in a campaign calling for GoFundMe to remove a page that’s raising funds for Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley’s family… The online petition launched by the group SumOfUs says the crowdfunding website is profiting from the death of an Indigenous man who died on Stanley’s farm in 2016… The petition says GoFundMe collects a fee for each donation and a percentage for processing the payment, and it argues the fundraising page violates GoFundMe’s terms that prohibit items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.”

GoFundMe points out that the allegations of collecting fees or percentages of the donations made are incorrect. “GoFundMe spokeswoman Rachel Hollis says donations to GoFundMe campaigns in Canada are subject to fees by third-party processors that charge for handling the online payments, but that since December the site has relied on voluntary donations, or tips, from donors to help pay for its website… ‘So a donor’s entire donation will go to the beneficiary of the campaign and they then have the option to voluntarily tip to help with the cost associated with the platform,’ Hollis said in an email.”

That credit and debit card fees could be portrayed as benefiting GoFundMe is absolutely inexcusable – they actually reduce the amount that GoFundMe receives – but facts seem to matter very little to these ideological nut-bars. I made a donation to benefit Gerald Stanley, was asked to add a 10% donation towards GoFundMe’s expenses, and was quite happy to do so.

These claims against GoFundMe are completely erroneous, and the further accusation that GoFundMe is violating its own terms and conditions prohibiting “items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime” are simply ludicrous. Neither hate nor racial intolerance were alleged by the Crown, and the “violence” was reflected in the charges levied against Mr. Stanley, of which he was found not guilty.

A major complaint about the trial is that there were no “indiginous” or “first nations” jurors. Columnist Candice Malcolm utterly destroys this claim, with its implications of institutionalised judicial racism, in her column “Half of prospective Boushie jurors were Aboriginal, says member of jury pool” (2).

Here are some extracts: “…the reason there were no Aboriginal Canadians on the jury in this controversial case is because so many deliberately opted out of the process. Other First Nations prospective jurors, meanwhile, were openly and outwardly biased during the selection process, according to one prospective juror who spoke to the Sun… approximately 85-100 of the initial 200 prospective jurors were Aboriginal… more than half of the Aboriginal people were granted permission by the judge to be exempt from the trial and free to go home… some of the remaining 45 or so were vocal in expressing their bias and signalling to everyone in the room they were unfit to serve on the jury.”

So there you have it. A man was found not guilty by a properly-selected jury of his peers in a case involving the death of a drunken young aboriginal who, with his friends, were driving drunk. They had tried to steal a vehicle from another farm, and then came onto the accused’s property and attempted to steal a vehicle from him as well.

But, in the bizarre dream-world of the politically-correct, the accused should not be allowed to receive voluntary donations from sympathisers to defray his expenses because he is a racist murderer…

Interestingly, the last paragraph of the petition reads as follows: “Go Fund Me should take the platform down, refund every bit of that money or divert it to anti-hate crime causes, and issue a public apology immediately.” (Emphasis in original).

So, the petition’s creator, one Cassandra Miles, actually wants money intended to provide assistance to this unfortunate man to be applied instead to underwrite whatever her definition of “anti-hate crime” advocacy might be. Some nerve!

Justin Trudeau and the other politicians have committed a grave error in criticising the jury’s decision, and his threatening the independence of the judicial branch poses a very grave threat to the future of our democracy.

“Sock boy”, also sometimes known as “shiny pony” and “the boy blunder,” needs to be put in his place firmly and promptly before his juvenile posturing causes irreparable damage to our legal system.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – You can read “Advocacy group launches petition demanding GoFundMe drops fundraiser supporting Gerald Stanley’s family” here.

(2) – You can read “Half of prospective Boushie jurors were Aboriginal, says member of jury pool” (Toronto Sun, Feb. 13th, 2018) here.

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