Random Quotations – Education – March 2nd, 2018

Four items in total…

“The state of Delaware is poised to adopt what is known as ‘Regulation 225.’ Approved both by the Delaware State Education Association and Gov. John Carney, Regulation 225 would safeguard children’s ‘protected characteristics,’ such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation and gender identity. Section 7.4(1) of 225’s Prohibition of Discrimination Code states, ‘All students enrolled in a Delaware public school may self-identify gender or race, which is maintained in the school’.” – Barbara Kay, “Delaware students can now choose their own race. This should end well” – National Post, Feb. 13th, 2018.

“Oxford’s students and professors are the leaders of a movement which, under the guise of ‘anti-racism’, is closing the Western mind and killing the Western culture with dogmatism, tribalism, anti-intellectualism and groupthink. All this indoctrinating has led only to a militant loathing of the Western past and a public revulsion for humanistic Western values, culture and the ability at least to try to correct our wrongs – as only the West does.” – Giulio Meotti, “Oxford University: Delirious capital of political correctness” – Gatestone Institute, Jan. 30th, 2018.

“School was where you learned algebra and geography, or at least learned at them. The teachers, both men and women, assumed this. The white kids were not endlessly told that they were reprehensible and the cause of the world’s problems. The boys were not told that masculinity was toxic. Hysteria over imaginary rape was well in the future. Little boys were not dragged from school by the police for drawing a soldier with a rifle.” – Fred Reed, “Kids: Then and now” – Fred On Everything, Feb. 21st, 2018.

“Grove School is part of the Durham District School Board, its 400 kindergarten to Grade 12 students have been placed in care, treatment custody or correctional facilities… She (teacher librarian Lynn Gittens) says the much-needed funds will also help the Grove School library replace outdated books that are no longer sensitive, and boost its selection of books on diversity and inclusion topics… We have had students ask, ‘do you have any books about coming out or being transgender?’ and now we will be able to say yes, Gittens says.” – Jillian Follert, “Book shopping spree: Oshawa school scores $10,000 from Indigo” – durhamregion.com, Feb. 2018.