Caledonia Patriot Randy Fleming Needs Our Help

“Almost nine years ago, he dared to walk along Argyle Street in the town of Caledonia, Ont., carrying a Canadian flag on a pole towards a peaceful so-called ‘flag rally’… For this impudence, he was wrestled to the ground by a half-dozen Ontario Provincial Police officers, permanently injured and charged with obstructing police… After 12 court appearances, the Crown abruptly withdrew the criminal charge.” – Christie Blatchford, National Post (1).

Randy Fleming successfully sued the OPP.

Ontario Superior Court Judge Kim Carpenter-Gunn determined that he was unlawfully arrested, and that the police used more force than necessary, breaching his Charter and common-law rights. He was awarded almost $300,000 in damages and legal costs, but then the OPP appealed, using taxpayer-funded lawyers from the Ontario Attorney General’s office.

Fleming’s award was overturned on the grounds that the OPP had acted properly “to prevent harm” to Fleming and to prevent a “breach of the peace”, and a technicality was employed in that he was not actually on Argyle Street (having moved off it to avoid fast-moving OPP vehicles.)

It is worth noting that the “Mohawk warriors” ignored a number of Ontario Superior Court orders telling them to remove their barricades, and to leave the Douglas Creek Estates subdivision they were occupying.

A “GoFundMe” account called the “Caledonia Charter Rights Legal Fund” has been opened to raise funds for an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (2). The GoFundMe page contains a link to Christie Blatchford’s article, together with background information clearly demonstrating the disastrous results of the “hands-off” approach taken towards the violence, threats, and significant property damage committed by “Native protesters”.

What a disgusting exhibition. My donation was one of the first received, perhaps you could consider making a donation also. Randy Fleming stood up for Canada, and now he needs our help.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “The disgraceful case against a man who dared carry a Canadian flag in Caledonia” here.

(2) – Visit the GoFundMe page here.