Random Quotations – April 8th, 2018

Seven items in total…

“…since the investigative process is similarly engaged in ascertaining facts which will, if proven, establish guilt, the use of the word ‘victim’ at the commencement of an investigation is simply inaccurate and should cease.” – Retired British high court judge Sir Richard Henriques, quoted by Christie Blatchford in “Unlike Canada, U.K. has learned sex assault ‘victims’ aren’t always victims” – National Post, April 2nd, 2018.

“In order to meet the expectations of its clientele, Service Canada has made some adjustments that allow the public to confirm how they wish to be addressed by Service Canada, to adapt to the reality of the 21st century… Madam/Sir will still be used by Service Canada employees if the client’s preference is known. In all cases, Canadians will decide how they wish to be addressed.” – Families Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, quoted in a Toronto Sun editorial, March 21st, 2018.

“One common sense question, in particular, is drawing news and the ire of the left. The 2020 Census will ask respondents if they are U.S. citizens. Democrat attorneys general have already filed suit against the administration over this basic question… ‘Citizenship is a matter of public record,’ said Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. ‘There is no reason or cause for alarm to see this question on our national census. In fact, the census has always included this question until it was excluded by the Obama administration in 2010’.” – Ryan Hite, “Common sense census question triggers Democratic politicians” – Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, March 27th, 2018.

“Hunter, an industrious and fine gentleman, has been much pestered lately by a herd of bullying evangelist vegans drooping outside his shop window, holding miserable, hate-filled (‘Murder’) signs, trying to kill his business and in the process libelling the ancient natural practice of peoplekind everywhere, that of meat-eating. He’s been haunted mercilessly by a pack of zealous plant-eaters… It’s not a nice picture. Thin, sallow faces pressed against the window pane, eyes sharp as daggers from a fresh binge of carrot munching, staring at you while you’re multitasking…” – Rex Murphy, “Cheers for the meat-eating hero who took on ‘privileged’ vegan bullies” – National Post, March 30th, 2018.

“What seems so elementary – that the first job of police isn’t to ‘support’ victims or anyone else, but rather to investigate complaints – got lost in 2014, when the notional acceptance of victims as inherently ‘being truthful’ went to a flat-out recommendation that ‘The presumption that a victim should always be believed should be institutionalized’… This ‘we believe’ mindset was in part responsible for the Operation Midland scandal, which saw a number of prominent men ruined (though never criminally charged) by allegations they were involved in a VIP pedophile ring, all on the say-so of a single alleged victim known as ‘Nick’.” – Christie Blatchford, “Unlike Canada, U.K. has learned sex assault ‘victims’ aren’t always victims” – National Post, April 2nd, 2018.

“These are not the hallmarks of a Great Day for Human Rights, I’m afraid. But Ontario’s Sikhs on two wheels are already redoubling their demands for similar treatment, calling for an end to ‘unfounded subjugation’ and accusing Premier Kathleen Wynne of ‘deny(ing) the Sikhs this basic right’.” – Chris Selley, “Granting Sikh bikers ‘right’ to ride without helmets only adds to religious freedom confusion” – National Post, April 6th, 2018.

“When you ape the pretended ‘tough talk’ of the conservatives – like “What part of illegal don’t you understand?’ – you are setting your people up for inevitable defeat and death. This is all about race, and the National Alliance recognizes that fact. True leadership requires that we tell this truth, and tell it proudly… We White men and boys, White women and girls, are part of a chain of life unbroken for thousands of years. We built this nation and this civilization. It is ours. It is ours because only we could build it, and only we did build it. And we have only just begun. The greatness and beauty that is within us, that is carried in our gene patterns, is sacred. ” – Kevin Alfred Strom, “White America: Worth fighting for” – National Vanguard, March 24th, 2018.