Random Quotations – Islam – April 14th, 2018

Five items in total…

“Popular gathering spot? Check… Crowd of unarmed people hit without warning? Check… Van mows down a crowd of pedestrians? Check… Driver killed self after killing and maiming others? Check… ‘Suspicious object’ discovered in vehicle? Check… Deliberate? Check… But let’s not ‘rush to judgment’ about motives or anything.” – Clash Daily, “Terror in Germany: Minibus plows through cafe, killing 3 injuring 20+ here’s the 411” – April 7th, 2018.

“A new civil rights act has come into force in Switzerland that prevents residents who have been on welfare in the past three years from becoming citizens unless they pay back the money they received to the state.” – Chris Tomlinson, “Switzerland rejects citizenship bids of residents who have been on welfare” – Breitbart, Jan. 10th, 2018.

“If we play the game of misinforming and misleading people about Islamism, by making irrelevant analogies to whitewash the violence and terrorism which are generated by Islamic fundamentalism, we are indoctrinating the literally millions of innocent children who will be either the perpetrators or victims of the next radical Islamic terror attacks…” – Majid Rafizadeh, “The ‘moderate’ Muslim scholar industry” – Gatestone Institute, April 3rd, 2018.

“The rewards that Muslims reap in the wake of these fake hate attacks are seemingly endless. First is the worldwide publicity garnered from an alleged ‘islamic hate crime’… (and) when the ‘hate crime’ is exposed, which it inevitably is, there are no recriminations or prosecutions for what amounts to ‘swatting’ for Islam. Instead, comes phase two… the unsuspecting public is accused of ‘fear of reprisals’ and calls to ‘brace for backlash’.” – Pamela Geller, “Police: Virginia Muslima teen charged with falsely reporting man attacked her, removed hijab, called her terrorist” – Geller Report, April 10th, 2018.

“Hussain preyed on young girls in Bradford and plied them with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them… The fact he committed the offences against his youngest victim while on bail demonstrates the danger he poses to young girls and vulnerable young women, who should feel a lot safer knowing that he has been given a significant jail term… We hope this outcome will give his victims some closure and allow them to move forward with their lives.” – PC Jessica Ambler, of the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit, quoted by Anthony Joseph in “Convicted sex attacker who groomed and abducted 12-year-old girl to be repeatedly gang-raped by ‘pack of ravenous wolves’ is jailed for 23 years” – Daily Mail, April 12th, 2018.