School board sidelines Christianity, promotes “diversity”

“A report that went to the Durham District School Board’s (DDSB) April 16 meeting provides a status update on the Equity and Diversity Strategic Framework, which was launched in fall 2017 with the goal of giving all students in the board a chance at success… Other equity initiatives outlined in the report include: providing 75 administrators with ‘anti-bias recruitment training’, adding 12 sections of black studies courses for Grade 11 and 12 students to the course options for 2018/2019; completing a census of DDSB staff that received 4,968 employee responses; offering ‘Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence’ sessions that saw staff and Gay-Straight Alliance members from every DDSB high school attend; and plans for the DDSB and PFLAG to organize Durham’s first youth Pride event.”

The above quotations are taken from the Oshawa This Week story “DDSB testing out ‘Muslim perspectives’ curriculum resource, offering more black studies courses” dated April 19th of this year. It is necessary to read the full item to entirely grasp the extent of anti-Christian and anti-White represssion created by these new policies.

We are also told of “a recent empowerment conference for young women”, and a “conference for black male students.”

Endeavouring to provide Muslim and Black students with a “chance at success” (?) by banning Christianity and discriminating against White students, thoroughly exposes this programme for what it is – an anti-White exercise in social engineering intended to reduce us to a position of inferiority and, ultimately, minority status.

We are under strong and determined attack, and the sooner we respond, the better.

You can read the full story here.

Jeff Goodall.

Update, May 27th: see here.