The Ontario election – Last chance to restore fiscal sanity

The third and final leaders’ debate is over. It is the only one that I bothered to watch, as it was by far the most important, and I wanted to see how the leaders performed in view of their relative standings going into the final stretch.

My primary reaction was annoyance at socialist (NDP) leader Andrea Horwath’s incessant interruption of her opponents, particularly conservative (PC Ontario) leader Doug Ford, while they were taking their turns to speak. She came dead last. Incumbent Premier Kathleen Wynne (Liberal) was polished and articulate, but with hundreds of billions of dollars in debt and one billion per month just in interest payments, she is beyond redemption.

Doug Ford came first, because although he speaks rather slowly, he came across as honest and sincere. And, he scored points for controlling himself very well under pressure, despite Horwath’s annoying and frequent interruptions.

I loved the way he managed to force a fixed grin even while I suspect he would have dearly loved to put her in her place. As it was, the most he did was call her policies “dishonest” right at the end, to which she did not respond. Shock, perhaps? For some reason, that is not being picked up on by the press.

Overall, I felt re-inforced in my belief that a vote for the NDP is a vote for an NDP-led coalition government with the Liberals, and I got the distinct impression that Wynne and Horwath sometimes went after each other as an investment in their relative strengths in such a situation.

That of course would result in another four years of destructive tax-and-spend policies that could push Ontario past the point of no return…

An NDP-led government with the Liberals backing them up is pretty-much guaranteed unless people wake up. This isn’t a three-party race, it is a contest between tax-and-spend lunacy on the one side, and financial responsibility on the other.

You know what to do…

Jeff Goodall.

For some insight into Andrea Horwath, read “NDP leader a fan of chichi shops” by Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun here.