Random Quotations – June 13th, 2018

Six items in total…

“If you’re just a little bit black – I think one-eighth is about the sweet spot – and your family is upper-middle-class or better, you’ve got it made. You get a good start in good schools (which is to say, schools with lots of upper-middle-class white, Jewish, and Asian students), then you get to float effortlessly upwards on the warm drafts of liberal guilt and affirmative action.” – John Derbyshire, “Roseanne Barr: The mulatto mafia strikes again” – Unz Review, June 3rd, 2018.

“A proposed law to raise the maximum penalty for impaired driving offences in Canada could have a ‘disproportionate’ impact on first-time immigrant offenders who would see their permanent residence status revoked and be deported, critics say.” – Nicholas Keung, “Tougher impaired driving penalty ‘a double whammy’ for immigrants” – Toronto Star, June 11th, 2018.

“Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath puts a smiling face on an evil ideology… They divide us into groups based on the identities we’re born with, including our gender and ethnicity, and create a hierarchy of victimhood… If you’re a member of a so-called oppressed group, you get extra rights and privileges – at the expense of the so-called oppressors. Most Canadians reject this divisive identity politics, but the far-left embraces it.” – Candice Malcolm, “Beware – today’s NDP is more radical than ever” – Toronto Sun, June 2nd, 2018.

“Of course, the problem is that the left has spent so many decades warping our language that they have backed themselves into an untenable logical and rhetorical corner. Their own rhetoric is so skewed, and they have co-opted the language so badly that they just make no sense at all.” – Warner Todd Huston, “A black man exposes the double standard of the black victimhood industry” – The Lid, June 8th, 2018.

“…further strengthening of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the financial sector, promoting increase of the share of national currencies in trade payments, investments and financing, expanding collaboration in such fields as payment systems and insurance.” – Extract from recent joint Russian/Chinese agreement, quoted by Petar Kujundzic of Reuters in “Cutting out the US dollar: Russia & China boost national currencies trade” – Russia Today, June 9th, 2018.

“Progressive candidates are being ignored to make room for center-right functionaries who will focus on reducing government spending, rolling back Trump’s trade policy, and supporting the foreign wars. This new wave of fiscally-conservative Democrats will execute their tasks in a party that serves as the political wing of the federal bureaucracy. Democrat leaders have long-abandoned the idea that a party should be a vehicle for political change. Their aim is to create a top-down pro-business collective that marginalizes activists and liberals in order to avoid disruptive political convulsions that impact corporate profitability…” (Emphasis added) – Mike Whitney, “Dems put finishing touches on one-party surveillance superstate” – Unz Review, June 7th, 2018.