National Post & Toronto Sun “Comments” – August 2nd, 2018

I have found in the past that commenting under letters-to-the-editor or news items in the on-line version of newspapers can be an excellent means of getting your point across to quite a large audience.

Equally, it is important to not get bogged down in “following” responses to your own and other people’s scrawlings, it can become addictive and take up a lot of time.

It is better to just simply post your comment, bookmark it, and check occasionally to see if any critique has been posted that requires a response.

And as I have said before, “Obviously, name-calling and bad language might go over well in the ‘comments’ to be found beneath the published letters, very often the comments contain little else…” so the comments below might not be for the prudish or delicate.


(All copy-and-paste).

“No such thing as an assault rifle. Here is a spoon, now i hit you with spoon….VOILA! Assault spoon.”

“Liberals are like barnacles. You need to scrape them off.”

“dogged feminists keep dragging it around like a dead gorilla.”

“When this PM opens his mouth, its like worms come out.”

“Jeff Goodall Go take some more pictures of your cat. Meathead!”

“F@k you Turdeau.”

“…just go euthanize yourself.”

“…the stentch from the carcus lingers”

“you are stll a jerkoff that should have been spit in the sink.”

“Ah yes ! the piggies are now squealing and snorting amongst themselves.”


“He got everyone to elect him then he phuked everyone in the arse in the middle of the night…”

“you pompus ambulance chasing wind bag”

“…the giant chip on your shoulder is probably poking people in the eye.”

“Get out of Canada, you ignorant camel jockey.”

“does the Charge Nurse know you have a laptop in your room?”

“The sweet sound of politicians screaming and whining is music to my ears.”

“How bout all lefturds jump off a cliff.”

“Like shining a bright light into a dark cave full of slimey rats.”

“jesus, i just got trapped in a kijiji add…………….”

“Quit running your mouth about pointless bs, you make us want to barf.”

“your filthy, immoral third class, dna impoverished herd has no say over anything”

And my favourite:

“Leftie heads are exploding all over downtown like rotten watermelons”