Random Quotations – Education – August 2nd, 2018

Five items in total…

“The Global Forum is essentially a central think tank for the campaign to introduce internet censorship throughout the West. It is also an internationally operational anti-White hate group that devises intellectual and political strategies styled as ‘recommendations’ for Western governments to restrict the freedoms of their respective populations. The ‘recommendations’ of the Forum include a demand to adopt ‘a clear industry standard for defining hate speech and anti-Semitism’… It goes without saying that such a definition would be sufficiently wide-ranging that it would preclude, under threat of severe punishment, any criticism of Jews or Israel.” – Andrew Joyce, Ph.D., “Jewish intellectual activism for internet control” – Occidental Observer, July 24th, 2018.

“Fromm holds masters of arts and education degrees from the University of Toronto and worked in the Peel school system for 25 years, before being stripped of his teaching license in 2007 for unprofessional conduct outside the classroom, because he embraced views and beliefs that are contrary to multiculturalism and tolerance and participated in white supremacist groups and events.” – Steve Arnold, “White nationalist Paul Fromm running for mayor of Hamilton Ont.” – Canadian Jewish News, July 26th, 2018.

“Is there a free speech crisis on college campuses? One can certainly make that argument, but that portrayal is at least as misleading as it is informative… What is occurring on college campuses is about power and control – speech is impeded as a last resort, used when people or groups fail to self-censor in response to a threat of crippling stigma and the destruction of their capacity to earn.” – Prof. Bret Weinstein, quoted by Cory Compton in “Weinstein warns Congress about ‘cult’ of campus progressivism” – Campus Reform, June 18th, 2018.

“It was clearly yet another example of how the media self-censors when there is anything negative to say about Israel and it underlines the significance of the emergence of recent international media reporting in The Guardian and elsewhere regarding how Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson largely dictates U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. That means that the conspiracy of silence over Israel’s manipulation of the United States government is beginning to break down and journalists have become bold enough to challenge what occurs when pro-Israel Jews obtain real power over the political process. Adelson, for what it’s worth, wants war with Iran and has even suggested detonating a nuclear device on its soil to ‘send a message’.” (Emphasis added) – Philip Giraldi, “Feeding the Monster” – The Unz Review, July 3rd, 2018.

“The 2018 guidelines claim that ‘the ACLU is committed to defending speech rights without regard to whether the views expressed are consistent with or opposed to the ACLU’s core values, priorities and goals.’ But directly contradicting that assertion, they also cite as a reason to decline taking a free-speech case ‘the extent to which the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values’… In selecting speech cases to defend, the ACLU will now balance the ‘impact of the proposed speech and the impact of its suppression.’ Factors like the potential effect of the speech on ‘marginalized communities’ and even on ‘the ACLU’s credibility’ could militate against taking a case.” – Wendy Kaminer, Wall Street Journal, quoted in “The ACLU retreats from free expression” – American Renaissance, June 20, 2018.