Random Quotations – Education – August 10th, 2018

Five items in total…

“The abyss between the academic qualifications of black and Hispanic students, on the one hand, and whites and Asians, on the other, was kept assiduously offstage, pursuant to longstanding journalistic taboos. Instead, it was as if a mysterious force was preventing blacks and Hispanics from entering college.” – Heather MacDonald, “Let’s demand the media – and the education establishment – stop concealing America’s very real racial problem” – Jewish World Review, July 31st, 2018.

“This has a significant impact on Peterson’s reputation among those with whom he deals, including fellow academics, future and existing students, the university where he works and those whom might read his books of (sic) listen to his lectures… Ironically, Peterson’s academic credentials are dramatically superior to those of either Professors Rambukkana or Pimlott.” – Extract from the statement of claim, quoted by Antonella Artuso in “Peterson launches defamation suit against Wilfrid Laurier University” – Toronto Sun, June 21st, 2018.

“They (Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath and today’s NDP) are the extremists who insist that they know what is best for your children; that their ideas of sexual morality are superior and more enlightened than yours; and that if your child attends a publicly funded school, then you ought not even be notified of what your child will be taught, and when, and you will not be able to remove your child from that class.” – Tanya Granic Allen, “Andrea Horwath and Tanya Granic Allen: who is the radical extremist?” – The Post Millennial, July 31st, 2018.

“(But) what has happened in higher education is not that liberalism has been supplanted by some other ruling philosophy. Instead, a hyper-liberal ideology has developed that aims to purge society of any trace of other views of the world. If a regime of censorship prevails in universities, it is because they have become vehicles for this project. When students from China study in Western countries one of the lessons they learn is that the enforcement of intellectual orthodoxy does not require an authoritarian government.” – John Gray, “The problem of hyper-liberalism” – Times Literary Supplement, March 27th, 2018.

“Administrators cannot simply decide that they do not like the results of certain faculty speech, and then work backwards to find a justification for firing them… The court’s decision recognized that allowing a university to do so is incompatible with any meaningful understanding of academic freedom. Colleges and universities across the country that are facing calls to discipline faculty members for their online speech should pay attention to today’s decision.” – Ari Cohn, Director of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, quoted by Tom Ciccotta in “Wisconsin Supreme Court: Marquette wrongly fired conservative professor for blog post” – Breitbart, July 6th, 2018.