Maxime Bernier: Will my efforts raise public consciousness?

“Re ‘Bernier’s self-centred move will give the Libs another mandate’ (Lorne Gunter, Aug. 23): Mr. Gunter, and a great many others, are so concerned about stopping Trudeau that the main point, which many may not yet consciously realize, is being lost. Since massive Third World immigration was foisted on us some 50 years ago, all four political parties have been in politically correct lock-step regarding multiculturalism. “Hate crime” laws and “human rights” commissions have been created to deter any resistance, so not only are we voiceless, we are also penalized and censored if we try to express our feelings. Maxime Bernier is setting up a political party which will speak for us on these issues, and believe me, the support he is going to receive will be absolutely massive. Politics itself is no longer the issue, as people are now thoroughly sick and tired of politicians who will sell out the “traditional” Canadians who built this country in exchange for imported voting blocs to keep themselves in power. Scheer and Trudeau differ only in the speed at which they will take us to our destruction, and this stupid “Liberals versus Conservatives” charade has to end before it destroys us. Prepare to be amazed.” (Toronto Sun, Aug. 28th).

Well, on this whole issue of Maxime Bernier’s leaving the Tories and starting his own party, I must say that my cup runneth over! My letters on this issue were published in the Toronto Star two days ago, and in the Toronto Sun and National Post today, plus several smaller outlets over the last few days.

The Toronto Star letter had been substantially cropped, prompting me to post yesterday’s entry “Important lesson re-learned on letters-to-the-editor” in which I congratulated the unknown Star editor for cutting out extra items in my original letter, saying: “With that section removed from today’s letter, I was still able to get my main point across without losing anything of major consequence. In fact, the extra material most likely cost me publication elsewhere, thus greatly limiting my opportunities to get my message across in the first place.”

Imagine my surprise today, then, when I saw the full version published in not just one, but two major newspapers!

Of course, the lesson learned yesterday is still valid, and I can only suppose that the massive potential of Bernier’s new party had a great deal to do with today’s uncropped letters, plus the glaring need for a positive view of Bernier bearing in mind the endless, often insulting, and sometimes semi-hysterical reactions from columnists and letter writers alike.

While my letters have merely referred to Bernier’s critique of “multiculturalism”, that was a matter of keeping the letters publishable. Bernier’s other published criticisms include the following:

“Having people live among us who reject basic Western values such as freedom, equality, tolerance and openness doesn’t make us strong… Trudeau’s extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity will divide us into little tribes that have less and less in common, apart from their dependence on government in Ottawa. These tribes become political clienteles to be bought with taxpayers (money) and special privileges… there is a difference between recognizing diversity and pushing for ever more of it… Something infinitely diverse has no core identity and ceases to exist… Shouldn’t we emphasize our cultural traditions, what we have built and have in common, what makes us different from other cultures and societies?… More diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country.”

These are from a variety of sources, and can be easily found on-line. Here are some “official” responses to Bernier, the first two addressed to Conservative leader Andrew Sheer:

“Jagmeet Singh, federal NDP leader – “His refusal to denounce these divisive comments sends a dangerous message. Children of diverse backgrounds across Canada pick up on these messages. Right now, they need to hear that their country wants more of themselves, not less.” Arif Virani, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage and a refugee from Afghanistan – “I urge you to remove Mr. Bernier from your caucus immediately, otherwise Canadians will be forced to conclude that you accept his backward views… Newcomers have not threatened what it means to be Canadian. To the contrary, successive generations of immigrants have enriched what it means to be Canadian.” And, of course, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer – “Personally, I disagree with politicians on the left and the right when they use identity politics to divide Canadians… I will not engage in this type of politics… We must all work to ensure that Canada continues to be a place where people from all over the world can come to find a richer, freer more peaceful life.”

The battle-lines are clearly drawn. Either White Canadians will be swamped in a deluge of other races, cultures and religions, or we will put a stop to it and survive. There is no in-between. The same is happening in the United States and throughout Europe, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a deliberate, world-wide agenda currently in progress to commit genocide against the White race. And Bernier represents the first realistic opportunity I have ever seen to rise up and put a stop to it.

I rather suspect there will be an effort to smear Bernier by associating him with me and then calling me a White supremacist, far-right racist, and so on. I have not been a member or associate of any political group since the Edmund Burke Society transitioned into the Western Guard in 1972, but that is unlikely to stop them!

It will be interesting to watch for any such developments, and I must be ready for any such attacks on myself.

One thing is for sure, and that is that Bernier has the potential to bring everything the anti-White liberal scum have been working on for decades to a shuddering halt, and they will do anything to put a stop to it.

Let’s see where it goes from here.

Jeff Goodall.

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