Random Quotations – Education – September 4th, 2018

Five items in total…

“How will campus free speech policies that aim to promote ‘open debate’ and ‘the exchange of ideas’ address overreaching Gendered Violence policies and power-hungry activists that manipulate the internal complaints system? At this point, they can’t. While the various free speech policies that will come into effect in Ontario on January 1, 2019 may encourage some students to speak their minds in class more often and offer their honest opinions, that doesn’t mean they won’t be notified of a formal complaint against them the next week.” – Lindsay Shepherd, “Why we should be skeptical of government-mandated campus free speech policies” – The Post Millennial, August 31st, 2018. This is an excellent article, read it here.)

“The threat to our future lies in the fact that today’s college students are tomorrow’s teachers, professors, judges, attorneys, legislators and policymakers… Fifty-one percent of students think that it’s acceptable to shout down a speaker with whom they disagree. About 20 percent of students hold that it’s acceptable to use violence to prevent a speaker from speaking. Over 50 percent say colleges should prohibit speech and viewpoints that might offend certain people.” – Walter E. Williams, “Colleges: A force for evil” – CNS News, August 7th, 2018. (This is very informative, you can read it here.)

“Gender studies – similar to Marxism-Leninism – can be called an ideology rather than a science, and therefore it is doubtful that it attains the scientific level expected for a university degree course”. Bence Retvari, Hungarian Minister for Human Resources, quoted in “The tide is turning against ‘gender studies’ – just not fast enough” by Lance Welton – The Unz Review, Sept. 1st, 2018.

“You are going to teach what you want to teach, Premier Doug Ford be damned, you say… So if that’s the case, why don’t you want to teach math?… Where is the union chief demanding teachers have every right to abandon the provably failing math curriculum in favour of their better knowledge?… The latest EQAO results show the continuation of a five-year slide in math results among elementary students… Is it that you hate Ford and the Conservatives so much you will go rogue on sex-ed immediately?” – Jerry Agar, “Teachers’ stance on sex-ed doesn’t add up” – Toronto Sun, Sept. 3rd, 2018.

“The Justice Department lent its support on Thursday to students who are suing Harvard University over affirmative action policies that they claim discriminate against Asian-American applicants, in a case that could have far-reaching consequences for the use of affirmative action in college admissions… The filing said that Harvard ‘uses a vague ‘personal rating’ that harms Asian-American applicants’ chances for admission and may be infected with racial bias; engages in unlawful racial balancing; and has never seriously considered race-neutral alternatives in its more than 45 years of using race to make admissions decisions’.” – Katie Benner, “Asian-American students suing Harvard over affirmative action win Justice Dept. support” – New York Times, August 30, 2018.