National Post & Toronto Sun “Comments” – September 8th, 2018

I have found in the past that commenting under letters-to-the-editor or news items in the on-line version of newspapers can be an excellent means of getting your point across to quite a large audience. Equally, it is important to not get bogged down in “following” responses to your and other people’s scrawlings, it can take up a lot of your time.

It is better to just simply post your comment, bookmark it, and check occasionally to see if any critique has been posted that requires a response.

And as I have said before, “Obviously, name-calling and bad language might go over well in the ‘comments’ to be found beneath the published letters, very often the comments contain little else…” so the comments below might not be for the prudish or delicate.


(All copy-and-paste).

“The metoo nutters are de-balling men.”

“You are lowerering the IQ of Ontario everytime you type your garbage!”

“please refrain from jumbo shrimping us.”

“I guess unicorns and fairy farts don’t work in the fight against crime…”

“…if a child wants to ‘identify’ as a fish, they should be given an aquarium…”

“Trudeau is an accident that became an experiment gone horribly wrong.”

“…all the attention this weekend went to the carribanians.”

“…get in the line up to tbrottle our fluffy PM snowflake”

“that’s a whole lotta stink emanating from your mouth there, chump”

“…a student who has committed suicide can’t learn at all.”

“…non-patriot ultra right-wing Trumpets…”

“The wastefull reions are next, get rid od Regionla governmrnteen”

“Jeff Goodall go F yourself loser”

“carbon-free unicorn farts.”

“My smears are nasty, but they are factually true.”

“Crime minister turdeau must go 2019!”

“I bet if I nput Preparation H on you, you would really shrink..”

“Coyne’s column is labeled as ooinioo.”

“…you comment reminds us of the buffoons that lerk amoung us…”

“Our very own Trump with boobs.”

“Kindly fvck off and die.”

“Time to stop the trough going around in a circle.”

“A rising tide lifts all boats. An anchor on every taxpayer could sink them all.”

“How many nuffins did a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin?”

And my favourite:

“Careful, some poor cop has to read all this crap…”