Random Quotations – September 21st, 2018

Five items in total…

“…Tucker Carlson asked, ‘How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific’… Reaction to Carlson’s question, with some declaring him a racist for having raised it, suggests that what we are dealing with here is not a demonstrable truth but a creed not subject to debate… From recent decades, it seems more true to say the reverse: The more diverse a nation, the greater the danger of its disintegration.” – Patrick Buchanan, “The unpardonable heresy of Tucker Carlson” – CNS News, Sept. 14th, 2018.

“(Item #) Four: I will make membership in AIPAC a felony, and remind its members that I could have Oprah temporarily removed from the oil well to make more room. Aipackers can act as they please in their own country – I will not meddle in foreign affairs – but leave ours alone.” – Fred Reed, “Fred to take wheel of ship of state” appearing in the The Unz Review, Sept. 15th, 2018. (Fred at his humourous best – you can read the entire article here.)

“…Department of Homeland Security reports a whopping 700,000 foreigners overstayed their temporary tourist, business or student visas in fiscal 2017. Most alarming, among the countries with the highest overstay rates are the terrorist breeding grounds of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya… Last year, a DHS inspector general’s audit concluded that Immigration and Customs Enforcement cannot account for all visa overstays because its 27 different databases are a stove-piped mess… All remembrance and no action dishonours the 3,000 who died 17 years ago – and endangers us all.” – Michelle Malkin, “The post-9/11 cycle of cynicism” – Toronto Sun, Sept. 15th, 2018.

“My job is simply…..to think about what’s best for Canadian society on this particular problem that’s before us… the law-making role of the judge has dramatically expanded… invading the domain of social policy, once perceived to be the exclusive right of Parliament and the legislatures.” – Former Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, quoted by Joe Oliver in “(Not)withstanding judicial overreach is healthy for democracy” – Toronto Sun, Sept. 20th, 2018.

“There is no evidence that any other options or approaches were considered or that any consultation ever took place… It appears that Bill 5 was hurriedly enacted to take effect in the middle of the city’s election without much thought at all, more out of pique than principle… It is only when a democratically elected government has clearly crossed the line that the ‘judicial umpire’ should intervene… The province has clearly crossed the line.” – Superior Court Justice Edward Belobab, quoted by Shawn Jeffords in “Doug Ford to invoke notwithstanding clause after judge strikes down bill to reduce Toronto council” – National Post, Sept. 10th, 2018. (This ruling was promptly and successfully appealed by the province).