Random Quotations – Islam – September 21st, 2018

Six items in total…

“Orban has long argued that he does not see the multitude of Muslim migrants who entered Europe as refugees, but as ‘economic migrants,’ since they deliberately ‘journey to richer western European countries….while passing through less wealthy countries.” He also stated: ‘We believe that a large number of Muslims inevitably leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite’.” (emphasis added) – Christine Douglass-Williams, “You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants” – Jihad Watch, Sept. 12th, 2018.

“Is it any surprise that a group of people unfamiliar with our laws, raised in a society that views women as objects and who were not subject to our regular immigration and security screenings are failing to integrate?” – Candice Malcolm, “The B.C. murder and Trudeau’s rushed refugee vetting” – Toronto Sun, Sept. 13th, 2018.

“UK political party leader Anne Marie Waters was permanently banned by Twitter after she questioned why a police force was wasting its time monitoring offensive tweets when it should be prosecuting Muslim grooming gangs.” – Paul Joseph Watson, “UK political party leader banned by Twitter after mentioning Muslim grooming gangs” – Infowars, Sept. 14th, 2018.

“The three (concerns) that are enumerated here all involve Islam: someone who abducts a 13-year-old girl will not face prison. This will give free rein to Muslim rape gangs. So will the relaxation of penalties for human trafficking. Then there will also be relaxed penalties for participating in a terrorist group. Trudeau seems to be paving the way for making Canada into a sharia state. These are the first steps toward accepting Islamic law.” – Ted Falk, quoted by Pamela Geller in “Trudeau wants to change Canadian laws to accommodate Muslim crimes” – Geller Report, Sept. 15th, 2018.

“A Bangladeshi student who plunged a knife into the neck of her Melbourne homestay host has pleaded guilty to engaging in a terrorist act in the name of violent jihad… The diminutive woman came to Australia under the guise of a student visa and had been in Australia a week when she allegedly took a 25cm kitchen knife to Roger Singaravelu’s neck as he dozed beside his five-year-old daughter… By her plea, Shoma admitted the act at the Mill Park house last February was done with the intention of ‘advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, namely violent jihad’.” -Melissa Iaria, “Student admits Melbourne terrorist act” – NewsAustralia, Sept. 20th, 2018.

“The moderaterna officials get an offer. It’s about an opportunity to get thousands of votes in the election. An adequate number, according to Stina Lundgren, could mean a change of power in the long-term red-green municipality… ‘They said that the congregation is about 4,500, and they could tip as many as 3,000 votes,’ says Stina Lundgren… But it’s not free. Stina Lundgren and her colleague were secretly offered votes – in exchange for the Moderates to ensure that the congregation is granted building permission for a new mosque…” – The Tundra Tabloids, “Sweden: Muslim Greens candidate proposed selling votes to opposition party in exchange for mosque building permit” – Sept. 7th, 2018.