Anti-White Racism Quotations – Sept. 28th, 2018

Five items in total…

“Why would our country belong to some Canadians more than others? Why would the Prime Minister disparage three-quarters of the country and accuse them of taking Canada ‘for granted’? Why would a cabinet minister claim that immigrants are ‘better’.” – Candice Malcolm, “Trudeau, O’Regan comments on immigrants pit Canadians against each other” – Toronto Sun, August 10th, 2018.

“The book answers questions such as, ‘What is it like to be in love?’, ‘What does it mean to make love?’ As a typical example the book depicts a mixed-race couple, with a white woman and a man with Arab appearance, drawn on the pages to help children understand ‘how to make babies.” – Abdelhamid Kaddour, “French book on sex education for children, ‘promotes’ white women having babies with Arabs” – Voice of Europe, Sept. 13th, 2018.

“The European Parliament has voted to pursue unprecedented disciplinary action against Hungary over alleged breaches of the European Union’s ‘fundamental values.’ The EU has accused the Hungarian government of attacks against the media, minorities and the rule of law… Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has denied the charges, and said they are a retaliation for his government’s refusal to take in migrants from the Muslim world.” – Soeren Kern, “Hungary defiant in the face of EU censure” – Gatestone Institute, Sept. 13th, 2018.

“The international philanthropic organisation founded by George Soros has said it will take Hungary to the European Court of Human Rights over laws which make it a crime to help asylum-seekers… However, Budapest has staunchly asserted it will not repeal the laws, no matter what judges decide.” – Independent, “Soros Foundation sues Hungary over laws making it illegal to help asylum-seekers at European Court of Human Rights” – Sept. 25th, 2018.

“Canada has been experiencing an Islamic supremacist entryist problem in government; its Prime Minister has put out a welcome mat for Islamic State jihadis; and the Quebec border is a free-for-all for literally anyone who arrives. The Liberal government has instituted an action plan to crack down on those whom it deems to be ‘Islamophobic.’ At every turn, Canada’s heritage and its well-being are being undermined, while its citizens and rightly concerned politicians are being told to be silent and refrain from all dissent, query and dialogue.” – Christine Douglass-Williams, “Canada: Conservative leader caves to Trudeau’s cult of diversity” – Jihad Watch, August 17th, 2018.