“Refugees” turn Toronto hotel into third-world pig-pen

Here are some reviews of the Radisson Hotel Toronto East, “TripAdvisor” webpage, link below.

Be careful. This place is dangerous
I cannot even believe the nightmare that is the Radisson Hotel Toronto East. In Toronto I typically stay at the Westin but this was a quick trip. Don’t make that mistake. There are uncivilized refugees everywhere; in the lobby, in the pool, and it looks like they are also in the ladies room at lobby level. It’s like this is a 9/11 training camp. There are suspicious people lurking around every corner and if I was not a Marine I’d feel threatened. No female should stay there. I never thought I would go into a hotel thinking I might need to defend myself, but that is exactly what I thought once walking into the lobby. The place stinks. Literally. There are kids grabbing at your watch and your back pocket (I grew up in NYC, my wallet is always in my front pocket). The noise is immeasurable and does not stop when it is time to sleep. The entire place is hot even though the outside is relatively cool. The a/c simply does not work. Not that it matters, it seems the refugee guests forgot there are showers in their rooms and the smell is nauseating. Thank goodness this was a one-and-done night.
Just don’t do it.

Never again !
Very uncomfortable place to be, watch your children, especially your daughters. The people that were there were very rude, i didn’t feel welcomed, i felt very out of place, i was stared at a lot, i felt very out of place, i will never go there again.

Refugee center
I did not realize this was a refugee center , terrible experience. skateboarding.in the lobby and staff didn’t seem to care.My daughter kept getting harassed by full grown men(refugees) . Wtv you do not bring your kids or wife!!!!!!!!!

Very Dangerous Situation Here !
This place has been turned into a refugee camp. It is disgusting!
I was planning to stay in this end of Toronto for a couple of nights on business. I refused to check in after I saw the zoo in the lobby.
I was panhandled and accosted during my short time there. If you value your life, stay away from this s … hole !

As others have stated, do not stay here. This place is an absolute zoo. Stayed here for a business trip for 2 nights. Was shocked and horrified at the nightmare situation when we arrived in the lobby. Huge crowds of people, children spitting, yelling, jumping on top of each other, and to make things even worse, one of them stole my phone and I had to chase them to get them to return it. The child’s parents were nowhere to be found. The lobby is filthy, packed with people at all times of the day, and the noise is unbearable at any hour. I have no faith in any Radisson after this nightmare experience. I will never return. Do not waste your money here. I would rather have slept in our car.

See TripAdvisor here, scroll down.

See also Sue-Ann Levy’s column “East-end hotel painted as refugee camp” here.