Random Quotations – Progressivism – Oct. 7th, 2018.

Six items in total…

“I’m actually not at all concerned about men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations… If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.” – Radical feminist and Teen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin, quoted by Candice Malcolm in “Kavanaugh another example of the #MeToo movement gone astray” – Toronto Sun, Sept. 21st, 2018.

“Progressives in our country have taken political opposition to an extreme and dangerous level. No longer do we see a ‘loyal opposition.’ In its place is a hate-filled, revenge-seeking mob no longer constrained by fact, decency, or integrity.” – Bill Thomas, “The real reason the left wants to destroy Brett Kavanaugh” – American Thinker, Sept. 25th, 2018.

“By ignoring the reality that a minority of women have falsely accused men of sex crimes, the #MeToo movement is wrong to demand that all women be believed. The demand is unjust because it replaces presumption of innocence with presumption of guilt. Further, it is sexist because it suggests that women are superior to men in their truthfulness.” – Christopher Lindsay, “Why we shouldn’t believe all women” – The Post-Millennial, Oct. 6th, 2018.

“In closing, ask yourself this question: why is it that the progressive, socialist left is so adamant about not losing control of the U.S. Supreme Court? The answer is not hard to surmise. They prefer to mandate their ideology, not legislate it. And it is very important that they control the Supreme Court because their ultimate mandate would be the rescinding and removal of the individual Second Amendment right. As history has proven, once the progressives, socialists, Marxists, statists, communists have disarmed the population, it is much easier for the mob to do their bidding.” – Allen West, “US increasingly moving away from rule of law, toward mob rule” – CNS News, Oct. 1st, 2018.

“Why do leftists feel entitled do all these things? Because they have thoroughly rejected middle-class, bourgeois and Judeo-Christian religious values. Leftists are the only source of their values. Leftists not only believe they know what is right – conservatives, too, believe they are right – but they also believe they are morally superior to all others. Leftists are Ubermenschen – people on such a high moral plane that they do not consider themselves bound by the normal conventions of civics and decency. Leftists don’t need such guidelines; only the non-left – the ‘deplorables’ – need them.” (emphasis added) – Dennis Prager, “Explaining the Left, Part IV: Leftist contempt for middle-class values” – Townhall, Oct. 2nd, 2018.

“…the problem with the gang rape is too many witnesses. ‘At least ten parties….’ Since it is unlikely that a girl would come back to be gang-raped a second time, this implies at least ten victims. While it is true that a rape victim often will not come forward because of embarrassment, it is curious that not one of the violated multitude said anything, even though everyone at the party would have seen the line-up. None of the other girls at the party said anything either, even though this was a frequent occurrence. Is it not odd that the author of this story, seeing long lines of boys engaging in rape, at party after party after party, saw no particular reason for reporting it?” – Fred Reed, “Kavanaugh gang-rapes collie in satanic ritual” – The Unz Review, Oct. 1st, 2018.